Big up your Brand!

 Advertising.  Why is it treated like a dirty word?

“Do you deal with the advertising for your company?”

“Yes, but we don’t advertise!”

“So what exactly is your role in the business…….?”

There are a whole range of buzz words that are bandied around to describe the promotion, marketing, advertising or featuring of a business that the whole thing becomes a bit of a headache and not the thing that it actually should be – the fun bit!

You may be a one man band or be the marketing assistant at a safety pin giant but your job is actually a great one!  You get to big up your brand and tell people how fabulous your brand is!  You deliver good news to the masses!  That’s a great job!  When your phone rings, it’s people calling you who want to help you spread that great news! OK, so they want paying for it, and you have to decide who is going to make you look the best, but you do have people who want to help  you! Nice!

But there is one piece of your marketing puzzle that is absolutely crucial and is often overlooked…Brand Awareness.

Brand awareness should not be optional, it is essential!  You need to make sure your brand is visible to your target audience,  all the time! 

As a small business owner, you are your brands greatest ambassador.  Nobody knows – or cares – about your business as much as you do, so put yourself out there and talk, meet, network and engage on as many levels as possible.

As a large business it is vital to be accessible to customers and remember, there will always be someone who hasn’t heard of you – always! 

Who can name one major brand that doesn’t undertake brand awareness activity?  Exactly! Have you ever heard of a major brand saying “We don’t need to advertise”?   They know the importance of keeping ahead of the competition, being accessible and being consistently visible.

Whatever  platforms  you chose to ensure your brand is “out there” make sure you follow this simple tick list to ensure it suits you.

  1. Consistent – make your details and brand available 24/7/365
  2. Longterm – put it in place annually so you can focus on seasonal product marketing
  3. Relevance – chose the most relevant platform, go specific to your target market
  4. Keep it simple –logo, contact, link

In summary……

Brand advertising is not a seasonal activity.

  • Be your own brands greatest ambassador – empower everyone on your team to big up your brand
  • Never assume your target market knows you, there will always be someone who hasn’t heard of you
  • No successful major international brand would say “we don’t need to advertise” – ignorance isn’t bliss!


The Equestrian Index offers simple, effective brand awareness options to the UK equestrian industry helping you boost your brand, share your message and keep ahead of your competitors locally and nationally. If you want to speak to a specific audience, we can do that too!




Benefits to advertisers:

  • Over 260 000 equestrian users in the last 12 months
  • Targeted monthly audience of 57,900 equestrians
  • Social Media access to over 23,700 followers
  • Monthly newsletter to over 10,500 individuals
  • Equestrian News feed from homepage
  • Priority listings for advertisers
  • Keywords allow maximum visibility in search results
  • Website is fully supported by technical team with strong SEO tactics
  • Regularly used by SEO companies to promote their clients
  • Dedicated business finder
  • 327 industry specific categories
  • Updated annually to ensure accuracy of data
  • Geographical search 
  • Works at local, national and international level
  • Cost effective 12 month promotion packages
  • Builds and maintains brand and company awareness
  • Reinforces all other media marketing strategies
  • email and direct marketing services available

Put your company at the forefront of all relevant headings for as little as £295 a year... just to illustrate, that's less than a Grande Latte a week!

Get in touch with us today so we can big up our brand to you. 18,000 businesses can’t be wrong!

Advertising Contacts

Amanda Watson       T: 01432 367980   E:

Robin Finlay             T: 01432 367981   E: 


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"Taking an entry with the Equestrian Index was an easy decision and one we have not regretted. It is the only REAL sourcing tool for the equestrian and their horses needs in the UK. Their team of people offer clear information and great customer service, plus links from them to our site have been staggering in quality and quantity. If companies are hesitating to jump on board, don't, it would be a missed opportunity to promote yourselves to new and established clients. Why use search engines when the Equestrian Index is already there?"

Gary Meynell - Sales Director at Horses with Attitude


"We would like to recommend inclusion in this directory for anyone associated with equestrian activities. We have received a good number of genuine enquiries through our listing. It is proving to be the definitive equestrian reference for all things equine.’"

Glenn Moore - Director at G.M. Moore & Associates


“Using the Equestrian Index was an absolute breeze and a pleasure. Index sites can sometimes be ugly and clunky, but this one is easy on the eye, easy to navigate and looks professional, making it the best looking and most user friendly index site I have seen so far. To top it off, their customer service is exceptional. Highly Recommended.”

Mike Everett - Owner & Director at Maya Creative


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