2021 BETA Equine Thesis of the Year Award

Posted: 30/06/2021

The search is on for the winner of the Equine Thesis of the Year Award, BETA’s annual initiative to recognise academic excellence in undergraduate equine-related study. Universities and colleges across the UK and Ireland offering appropriate courses have each been invited to submit one student thesis into the running. There have been... Read More

Farm Business Innovation 2021 - Are you ready?

Posted: 30/06/2021

We have confirmed the dates for the Farm Business Innovation Show which will be transforming the NEC Birmingham into the ultimate hub for rural entrepreneurs on the 10th & 11th November! Tickets are complimentary and can be registered here. Looking to generate additional income from your land? Do you want to... Read More

A guide to the Equestrians summer must haves

Posted: 30/06/2021

The unpredictable weather in the UK definitely poses quite a few challenges for us horse lovers, and when we at Imperial Equestrian are choosing our products this is something that is high on our list of priorities. Imperial Equestrian have strived to do the hard work for the equestrian, and... Read More

Practical steps to tackling worm resistance

Posted: 30/06/2021

Protecting horses from parasitic worms has long been an essential part of their routine care. But how we provide that protection has had to change in recent years in response to a worrying rise in resistance of worms to deworming drugs, also known as anthelmintics. Redwings has produced new practical guidance on... Read More

Dealing with arthritis in horses with Synovium

Posted: 30/06/2021

Synovium’s head vet, Drs SHL Donker DVM says; ‘Arthritis is one of the most common ailments we see affecting horses, especially in later life.’ Arthritis can present itself in horses of any age, but it is usually more common in senior horses. The chronic progressive form, known as Degenerative Joint... Read More

For the Love of Dressage

Posted: 30/06/2021

I don’t know about you, but when I have to do a dressage test, I get myself all tied up in knots. Come on, own up? You too?? Do you practise your test endlessly? I do. I know it back to front, inside and out. I dream about it. I skip... Read More

Featured Equestrian Property July 2021

Posted: 30/06/2021

Pett, Nr. Hastings, East Sussex Stunning five-bedroom family home set within five acres of grounds in an elevated position with breath-taking views of the Sussex countryside and the sea beyond. This magnificent country residence was newly built 15 years ago in the 16th Century style and boasts a heated swimming pool,... Read More

Compete in style and comfort with MOCHARA Equestrian

Posted: 30/06/2021

Brand new to the hugely popular Technical Riding Leggings range from MOCHARA Equestrian are these simply stunning White Competition Leggings. So now you can compete in comfort and style, safe in the knowledge that these non-see through, high-quality leggings will have you covered. Designed with style and practicality in mind, the... Read More

Making a Positive Change with Accessibility Mark

Posted: 28/06/2021

Batley Hall Riding School based in West Yorkshire has witnessed first-hand the positive impact that horses can have for disabled clients and has become the second equestrian establishment post lockdown to sign up to the Accessibility Mark scheme. Accessibility Mark aims to provide more opportunities for disabled people to participate in horse... Read More

Cavalor FlyLess Insect Repellent

Posted: 24/06/2021

Cavalor FlyLess is a highly effective insect repellent spray created to protect horse and rider against horseflies, flies, mosquitoes, ticks and other insects. The pleasant fragrance will make sure you can enjoy your summer ride in contentment and make sure your horse and pony is relaxed when out in the fields or... Read More

Less Stress With Mollichaff Calmer Complete!

Posted: 24/06/2021

Is your horse or pony feeling a little fresh and excitable? It’s always important to look at your management routine and environment to ensure that any potential stressful situations are kept to a minimum before relying on a change to the diet. Fizzy behaviour may also be due to pain from... Read More

Cavalor skin care products for your horse

Posted: 24/06/2021

Cavalor has a great skin care range for your horse..... Cavalor Derma Wash Shampoo Cavalor Derma Wash is a hygienic shampoo which is ideal for horses and ponies with flaky skin, dull coats or a skin condition. It is also the ideal shampoo to wash new horses arriving on the yard as part... Read More

Star horsey photos set to snaffle BETA hamper prize!

Posted: 24/06/2021

The British Equestrian Trade Association’s annual Calendar Competition is up and running and on the lookout for the cream of the crop – 12 fab horsey pictures to be the stars of the 2022 BETA calendar. Images will be picked to represent each month, with the one judged Best in Show... Read More

Welsh Section A Arnie Heads Back to the Show Ring

Posted: 24/06/2021

When owner Suzanne Hibbard saw her four-year-old, Welsh Section A, Arnie looking sorry for himself in the field she knew she had to take action. Arnie is usually fit and well, and Suzanne, a former Horse of the Year Show competitor with her Large Riding Horse, Windsorwood, shows him in hand with... Read More

TopSpec support STARS Champion of Champions

Posted: 24/06/2021

Held at Aintree Equestrian Centre, the STARS Champion of Champions Show in partnership with TopSpec, will run from November 19 to 21, and is the brainchild of show rider Sarah Harrison. Sarah created and became the founder of STARS Champion of Champions in 2018, with the aim of providing a championship event... Read More

Sprenger Comfort Roller Super Soft Spur

Posted: 24/06/2021

The Sprenger Comfort Roller Super Soft Spur has been developed with a rowel that is significantly thicker and more rounded than on the original Comfort Roller spurs. When in contact with the horse, the rowel rolls with the horse and thus avoids rubbing and chafing on the fur and skin of... Read More

Fitting a saddle to a horse with high withers

Posted: 24/06/2021

In this article former Society of Master Saddlers’ President, Kay Hastilow provides advice on fitting a horse with high withers. Question I have a show jumper that has very high withers and fitting a saddle is causing problems can you help? Answer The fashion at the moment in showjumping is very much for flat seated... Read More

The sun is shining now – is your horse getting enough of it?

Posted: 23/06/2021

With performance sport horses it’s all about gaining that extra marginal edge for a competitive advantage. With breeding, diet, rider techniques and knowledge we have almost reached the limit of perfecting our horses’ condition for competition. This is where light therapy comes in; to boost serotonin levels and give your horse... Read More

Dream Ride for Teri England at Frickley Park

Posted: 23/06/2021

Teri England and Coady Bay Logic pulled it out of the bag following a mistake in the showjumping to win the Animalintex® sponsored BE 100 Open Championships at the Science Supplements Area Festival, held at Frickley Park. Having not evented since last August due to a rotational fall, the pair were victorious... Read More

New MSc degree to enhance physical therapies for horse riders

Posted: 23/06/2021

A new master’s degree launched by Hartpury University is the first of its kind in the UK, tailored to enhancing therapy and rehabilitation treatment for horse riders, whilst prioritising the welfare of horses. The MSc Horse Rider Musculoskeletal Therapy and Rehabilitation programme is designed for qualified practitioners who have a completed a... Read More

Career Choices - Saddle Fitting

Posted: 21/06/2021

With the warmer weather it is so easy to dream of working outside, especially if you are in an office job and craving for some fresh air. Turn that on its head and during the winter months a warm office can be very appealing. But without doubt if you want variety,... Read More

Derby House renew as the Official Rug Supplier for HOYS

Posted: 21/06/2021

Every Champion at Horse of the Year Show delights in their special moment under the spotlight, as they come down the centre line to the iconic music, adorned with rosettes, sash and the beautiful quality HOYS Champion rug. We are delighted that Horse of the Year Show are continuing their... Read More

What’s New at This Year’s Osberton International

Posted: 21/06/2021

Have you missed attending a major three-day-event over the last 18-months? Now’s your chance to get close-up and personal to the country’s leading event riders and horses heading to Osberton International Horse Trials. This popular autumn fixture will see a host of new features and attractions over the four days and runs from... Read More

TopSpec Linseed Mash

Posted: 19/06/2021

Mashes are very useful for hydrating horses and volumising their feed. TopSpec Linseed Mash combines the best of traditional knowledge with modern technology. Rich in linseed and oatbran this mash contains just 11% starch yet the scattering of flaked maize and flaked peas lends a mix-like appearance to this irresistible mash. Linseed Mash... Read More

Nathe Pelham with Flexible Mullen Mouth Bit

Posted: 17/06/2021

The Nathe Pelham Bit with flexible Mullen mouth is suitable for strong horses and provides contact on the mouth, poll and lower jaw. It features variable rein options to adjust the leverage effect on the poll and bit guards to protect the lips. It is made from high-quality Thermoplastic with a steel core. The... Read More

BETA launches Summer of Safety campaign

Posted: 17/06/2021

The British Equestrian Trade Association has launched its Summer of Safety – a three-month awareness-raising initiative designed to demonstrate how equestrian products play a frontline role in keeping horses and riders as safe as possible. It replaces BETA’s annual Safety Week and highlights a wider range of products involved in equestrian activities.... Read More

HOYS welcome back Catplant Group as sponsors for 2021

Posted: 16/06/2021

The Catplant Group of Companies Ltd are welcomed back as the sponsor of the Show Hunter of the Year Championships at this years Horse of the Year Show (HOYS). The prestigious class has taken place every year at HOYS since its introduction in 1949 and has seen over 70 champions crowned. The... Read More

Equi-Trek Support Blair Castle Horse Trials for the Eighth Year

Posted: 15/06/2021

Without doubt one of the highlights on the eventing calendar, Land Rover Blair Castle International Horse Trials has once again won support from leading horsebox manufacturer Equi-Trek. Taking place on the picturesque Atholl Estates, one of Scotland’s best known Highland estates, this year’s event will run August 26 to 29. A long-time supporter... Read More

TopSpec to continue its support of Horse of the Year Show

Posted: 11/06/2021

Grandstand Media is pleased to announce that TopSpec will continue its support of Horse of the Year Show in 2021, returning as the showing arena sponsor. The supplier of equine feed balancers, supplements and other innovative feed products has been a big supporter of the show for over 16 years, taking over... Read More


Posted: 11/06/2021

The Windrush Equestrian Foundation is pleased to announce that applications for the 2021 intake of riders to the Young Eventers Programme will open between the 14th June – 14th July 2021. Taking inspiration from British Equestrian and owing to the programme not opening for new applications in 2020 the Young Eventers... Read More

Sprenger novocontact Eggbutt Bit with D-shaped rings

Posted: 09/06/2021

The Sprenger novocontact Eggbutt Bit with D-shaped rings is ideal for super sensitive horses that do not take the contact confidently. The oval shape of the mouthpiece enlarges the contact surface on the tongue for a soft influence. The bit also allows direct pressure transmission on the tongue and lower jaw due to... Read More

Miniature Dachshund Rolo Revels in Good Health

Posted: 09/06/2021

Spinal problems had left miniature dachshund Rolo in a desperate state with his owner Rachel Hickey considering surgery to ease the pain. Rachel has owned Rolo since he was a pup and now six-years-old the issues with his spine had gradually worsened over time until he was left unable to walk and... Read More

Carbon Ultralight Dressage Whip from Fleck

Posted: 09/06/2021

Boasting a timeless elegance, Fleck dressage whips are the perfect riding aid. Whether for professional or recreational use – Fleck dressage whips meet the demands of the most discerning riders! Core materials of the highest quality are taken and refined to form the basis for optimum flexibility, perfect balance and added durability. The... Read More

New BootProtect Spur from Sprenger

Posted: 09/06/2021

The new BootProtect spurs from Sprenger protect riding boots thanks to the rubber coating on the inside of the spur. Invisible from the outside, the rubber coating also assist with a non-slip fit and the spur also impresses with their slim, stylish appearance. Since the outer surface of the spur is made of... Read More

Little Downham Announces Grassroots & Novice Leagues

Posted: 03/06/2021

The team at Childeric Saddles Little Downham Horse Trials are pleased to announce two new leagues for the 2021 season. Thanks to the generosity of Shearwater Insurance and Baileys Horse Feeds grassroots and Novice riders will be able to aim for an end of season bonus, with prizes worth over £1,000.... Read More

The Trail-Treka - Side Loading Trailer

Posted: 03/06/2021

Looking for a two horse trailer that has the advantages of side loading? The Trail-Treka from Equi-Trek is a forward facing, lightweight horse trailer that can be towed legally and safely by smaller 4x4s and some cars. The trailer has an aerodynamic fibreglass mould and galvanised steel chassis with independent suspension. The four fully... Read More

Shelford Proves a Huge Success

Posted: 03/06/2021

With 24 sections running over the first two days at Shelford British Eventing and a further 12 unaffiliated classes taking place on the third and final day it was a busy and sun-baked event for the team at BEDE. More than 750 entries were catered for over the three days with Stuart... Read More

FREE TICKETS to the Farm Business Innovation Show 2021

Posted: 02/06/2021

We’re absolutely delighted to be partnered with the Farm Business Innovation Show and would like to offer all of our readers and members complimentary tickets to attend the show. This is the UK’s most innovative event for any forward-thinking farmer, country house or landowner, who is looking to diversify into the... Read More

Getting our horses ready for the Summer Months

Posted: 02/06/2021

Now that we are returning to summer there are many changes, we need to make to ensure our horses continue to function and feel at their best. Although they can regulate their own temperature from a wide range of degrees it is important to note heat can still have a detrimental... Read More

HorseHage The Lighter Diet

Posted: 02/06/2021

Summer can be a risk for horses and ponies prone to laminitis as the new grass contains high levels of soluble sugars and non-structural carbohydrates (NSCs) and this high sugar content can be one of several different triggers for laminitis Many people have the misconception that horses and ponies suffering from laminitis... Read More

Your Guide to travelling horses safely with SEIB

Posted: 02/06/2021

Travelling horses can be stressful, and regardless of whether your horse is well behaved or not it’s good to have a checklist in place to help things run smoothly on the day. It’s also important to make sure you are prepared for a breakdown by having appropriate horsebox insurance or horse trailer... Read More

Eventing Returns to Moreton Morrell College 2021

Posted: 02/06/2021

The 2021 British Eventing season started back in April and saw top riders travel around the country to compete in the competition. Moreton Morrell College has hosted for British Eventing for more than 20 years and although the event was closed to the public, hundreds of event riders from across the... Read More

Featured Equestrian Property for sale June 2021

Posted: 02/06/2021

Butterton Racing Stables is approached down a poplar tree lined tarmac driveway, between post and railed fenced paddocks. The property offers a first class equestrian facility featuring two luxury houses, a versatile "Facilities" building incorporating extensive offices, staff accommodation, an owners lounge, 2 kitchens, games room, gym, sauna, steam room, showers... Read More

Be the mane event with Nettex Mane and Tail Detangler

Posted: 02/06/2021

There’s nothing more time consuming than trying to brush through a knotted tail, and regular brushing can strip out hair making tails look thin and wispy. So this year, keep your horse or ponies tail looking show stoppingly full, shiny and tangle free with NETTEX Mane & Tail Detangler. Designed to detangle... Read More

Simply stunning new colours from MOCHARA

Posted: 02/06/2021

Brand new and just in time for Summer, MOCHARA have launched their stylish Half Zip Sweatshirt in beautiful ‘Baby Blue’, lovely ‘Lilac’ and elegant and flattering ‘White’. Made from a comfortable soft cotton fabric with a fleecy lining this feels like the cosy cuddle we’ve all been waiting for. Mochara’s sweatshirt is... Read More

Showring Style

Posted: 02/06/2021

Just Jodz offer great value with traditional style when it comes to riding breeches and jods! Being ready for the ring isn't just about looking good in the most expensive gear you can find. Budget, body shape, comfort and practicality are incredibly important factors. You don’t need to spend a fortune... Read More

Milo Chills Out In New Home, Thanks To VetSpec Calm & Focused!

Posted: 28/05/2021

At just one-year-old Milo, an abandoned Dalmatian x Lurcher, arrived in England from a shelter in Romania. Eventually he found his forever home with the Dunnion family from North Lincolnshire after they saw his profile on a rescue centre’s page. He had already had two homes since arriving in the country and through... Read More

Millie Lawson and Noah's Lady

Posted: 28/05/2021

Here we chat to young show jumper Millie Lawson about her fantastic relationship with Noah’s Lady her 138cm jumping pony. Tell us about your background in Showjumping I am 13-years old and based in Aberdeen so it is a lot of travelling to competitions. I started riding when I was five-years-old, and... Read More

H&C live stream from Longines International Jumping La Baule

Posted: 27/05/2021

Horse & Country is to live stream major jumping classes from Longines International Jumping La Baule Horse & Country (H&C), the leading international equestrian sports network, today announced that it will offer extensive and exclusive live coverage from the forthcoming Longines International Jumping La Baule on its streaming service H&C+. The stream... Read More

Horse & Country and British Eventing announce new partnership

Posted: 25/05/2021

British Eventing (BE), the National Governing Body for the sport of eventing in Great Britain, and leading international equestrian sports network Horse & Country (H&C) today announced the details of a wide-ranging partnership. The rationale behind the new arrangement is underpinned by H&C’s extensive eventing coverage, which includes live and highlights... Read More

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