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The Equestrian Index is the dedicated search engine for the UK horse industry.

The Trade Portal has been developed as a B2B information service to allow you fast and efficient access to industry contacts.

 Looking for new products?  Information on retailers?  Want to learn more about manufacture, export or import?   We provide information on manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and business specialists, putting you in touch with relevant businesses, whenever you need them.

 By using The Index you are accessing the most up to date source of business information available to the UK equestrian industry.  Why spend time and money researching or updating your own address book?

You may notice that some information is not available when browsing the portal. You can access all business information from advertisers free of charge, or you can register for an account and subscribe to the Trade Portal which gives you access to all relevant business contact information and email networking capability directly from the website for only £25 a month.

We also provide a professional B2B and B2C managed email delivery service. This is an ideal way for businesses to reach a substantial target audience without the time, knowledge and expense required to develop and maintain your own database.

Take a look around to see how The Index can help you communicate more effectively.

 If you have any issues please get in touch.

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