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Be a winner with the award winning Smart Bunker® from Greenans Products Ltd!

Be a winner with the award winning Smart Bunker® from Greenans Products Ltd!

The Smart Bunker® from Greenans Products Ltd is a new style of animal feed storage container that just makes sense!  Traditionally, feed stored within containers is accessed via a lid, meaning the feed closest to the top of the container is used first.  Feed hygiene can be compromised when new feed is added to the container before the entire previous batch is used, or when storage containers are not cleaned out before new feed is added to the container.  The Smart Bunker® is designed to dispense feed from the bottom, which means that the oldest feed is used first and any fresh feed being added to the container will be used last.  The funnelled base shape of the Smart Bunker® combined with the downward movement of feed, also reduces the chance of feed becoming lodged in corners where where it can become stale and reduce feed hygiene. Studies run by CAFRE College Ireland indicated that  feed stored in the Smart Bunker® is likely to maintain a high level of hygiene due to low levels of mould and yeast growth.

Smart Bunker® has a unique, easy to operate dispensing mechanism. Simply place bucket inside, then pull the handle downwards to release the animal feed. As you let go, the handle returns automatically and flow into the bucket stops, resulting in no spill or wastage – think about this – if 2 tablespoons of feed are lost per day in the normal routine of making up feeds, this amounts to approximately 10 bags of feed over a year! Scales can also be positioned to ensure delivery of the exact amount of feed – key for monitoring feed amounts related to general health and performance! The Smart Bunker® is completely vermin proof and easy to clean between fills ensuring your horses feed is always at its best.

For more information visit or call 02843 770845.

Closing date: 01/03/17

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