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Agria Equine Gareth and Briolinca



Agria, the specialist pet insurer that launched the UK’s first and only Lifetime Equine insurance, is re-writing the rules in horse insurance once again by offering FULL vet fee cover for all horses, no matter what their age.

Equine cover for veteran horses typically covers accidental wound care only, and sometimes colic, with other degenerative conditions such as arthritis and cushings excluded. And too often, veteran policies have to be taken out before the horse reaches a certain age. In a seismic move, Agria is now offering cover to horses of ANY age, and FROM any age (from 30 days and above), with no new exclusions added once the policy is in place.

This means that with Agria’s Lifetime Equine policy, horse owners have the reassurance that vet bills can be covered year after year throughout a horse’s life for recurring injuries or repetitive or chronic conditions, ensuring their horses’ lifelong welfare. A lifetime policy, with up to £10,000 of vet fees cover every year, means that owners will no longer face the difficult decision of whether to “call the vet or wait and see”. (Claims around conditions and injuries which pre-date the policy are not covered.)

“With our focus on ‘horses of a lifetime’, lifelong horse welfare, and continuing sponsorship of the SSADL (Senior Showing and Dressage Ltd) series culminating at the London International, it seemed very wrong to us that insurance should step back as a treasured horse becomes older,” says Agria’s CEO Vicki Wentworth, herself a horse owner and rider.

“Agria’s Lifetime Equine policy puts that right, so there is no need to worry about your horse suffering from the ailments that can come with age — or consider giving up insuring a horse in its later years, or not insuring an older horse – a problem many owners have faced as their vet cover has become so limited.'

“Agria’s Lifetime Equine insurance gives us peace of mind that we can keep our horses healthier and on the road for longer, getting the treatment they need, when they need it.”

Coupled with its renowned customer service from horse-minded staff, and fast claims processing, this is yet another reason for horse owners to look to Agria first for horse insurance.

Agria’s Lifetime Equine policy is available to any horse of any age from 30 days. To find out more, please visit our website


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