Posted: 14/01/2021

Windrush Equestrian Foundation is pleased to announce a new sponsorship agreement between Max Warburton and Spillers. Oxfordshire based Max Warburton has completed a sponsorship agreement with, Mars Horsecare owned, Spillers horse feeds, with the support of the Windrush Equestrian Foundation. Not only does the partnership see the Warburton string fed on... Read More

Old Vs New: How Lister Clippers have changed

Posted: 13/01/2021

INNOVATION AND CHANGE IS AT THE HEART OF EVERYTHING WE DO AT LISTER. When looking at our products, some may only see a clipper, but we see something that’s been shaped by generations of users around the world and developed with passion – all leading to a piece of engineering excellence we... Read More

The surge of Ulcers & gut related problems in horses.

Posted: 13/01/2021

This topic is so often the starting point of a conversation with new customers here at Hi Form. Suspected ulcers are rife across our horse population along with, in our opinion, far too frequent occurrences of colic. It is a modern-day phenomenon and one that we can take steps to manage... Read More

HorseFest Early Bird Ticket Offer!

Posted: 13/01/2021

HorseFest is the fantastic new, annual festival, taking place from July 23 to 25 2021, at Weston Park in Shropshire. The event is for all those horse fans with an interest in the equine world, allowing them to come together, learn, celebrate, have fun and create special memories. You can camp or... Read More

Feeding for Winter Condition with Mollichaff

Posted: 13/01/2021

Feeding our horses to keep them in the best possible condition can cause a headache for many of us, especially over the colder months if we have a picky horse or one with a poor appetite. Dependant on age, breed and work load, horses will naturally tend to carry different proportions... Read More

Can I continue to work during lockdown 3.0?

Posted: 13/01/2021

Can I continue to work as an equestrian coach? Can I continue to work as a groom or professional rider? Can I continue to work as an equine practitioner? And will my insurance cover me? As all of the Home Nations enter another period of lockdown we are facing... Read More

Featured Equestrian Property January 2021

Posted: 13/01/2021

Redgates Farm is located on a quiet lane and is surrounded by open countryside, situated just outside the village of Sewards End which boasts a fine village hall and church. The property is approximately 2 miles east of the market town of Saffron Walden, offering a good range of amenities, pubs... Read More

Admire PR Wins Award for Marmalade Trust Campaign

Posted: 11/01/2021

The 2020 PR campaign for the Marmalade Trust’s Loneliness Awareness Week has won Best Freelance Project at the 2020 International Content Marketing Awards. Loneliness Awareness Week is a yearly event that gets more people talking about Loneliness. The aim is to empower a greater understanding of loneliness, one conversation at a time.... Read More

Equine Spa Breaks in Devon

Posted: 11/01/2021

While 2020 wasn’t exactly the best year for holidays or spa breaks, 2021 is already gearing up to be a great getaway for horses! So why not treat your best friend to a few days of TLC while you explore the Devon countryside. Devon Equine Hydrotherapy Spa opened its doors in January... Read More

Taking care of pregnant mares with Rosehip Supplement

Posted: 11/01/2021

Taking care of pregnant mares with Elite Equine 100% Organic Rosehip Supplement Nutrition plays a key role in horses at all times, especially when a mare is pregnant. Now you can give your horse a helping hand in a natural, entirely organic way with the use of Elite Equine 100% Organic... Read More

Stylish charity tee brings hope for the future

Posted: 08/01/2021

DVR Equestrian have done it again; another amazing charity tee has been added to their ‘Tees for Charities, Tees for Change’ collection. This gorgeous unisex ‘Courage Tee’ is made from Certified Fair Wear 100% Organic Cotton, is soft and comfortable and even encourages the wearer to 'Inhale Courage, Exhale Fear'... Read More

Hartpury study will help develop injury prevention strategies

Posted: 08/01/2021

Study will help develop injury prevention strategies for horseracing staff Hartpury University is undertaking new research investigating occupational injuries to stud and racing staff working within UK horseracing, with the aim of developing targeted injury prevention and support initiatives to improve employee welfare. Emma Davies, Programme Manager for the BSc Equestrian Sports Science... Read More

Tommy likes Miscanthus!

Posted: 08/01/2021

Having used shavings to bed down her ponies for many years, Sammy Moody decided to give MISCANTHUS bedding a try in the stable of her retired pony, Tommy. Having heard good things about Terravesta Equine, Sammy thought this was the ideal choice for veteran Tommy. 22-year-old Sammy has owned Tommy, who is... Read More

NETTEX launch V.I.P.®Miracle Mare™

Posted: 08/01/2021

NETTEX announce the imminent (March 2021) launch of V.I.P.®Miracle Mare™ which has been developed to support mares in-season. Many horse owners struggle with in-season mares as they can exhibit challenging behaviour. Problems can occur when these behaviours become excessive as they can interfere with normal management, causing safety or performance issues. Nettex... Read More

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