Online First Aid Course that Bursts the Bubble on Common Myths

Posted: 28/05/2020

Knowledge is power when it comes to first aid and whether you are new to horse ownership or you are looking to refresh your skills, attending an equine specific first aid course is a good idea for anyone caring for a horse. With lots of well-meaning advice available online and on social... Read More

BHS Safety Warning

Posted: 28/05/2020

The British Horse Society issues safety warning to riders as vehicle and cycle activity starts to increase Following the gradual easing of the lockdown restrictions, The British Horse Society (BHS) is issuing a safety warning to equestrians to be mindful of the steadily increasing traffic and cycle activity on both the roads... Read More

A Helping Hand for Hay Farm Heavy Horse Centre

Posted: 28/05/2020

Based in Northumberland, Hay Farm Heavy Horse Centre is the only Rare Breed Approved Conservation Centre in the country dedicated to heavy horses. The organisation is solely ran as a not-for-profit organisation and all activities are carried out to raise funds for the running and development of the site. Photo: Primrose and Wallace.... Read More

At-home massage techniques for your horse

Posted: 27/05/2020

At-home equine massage techniques to ease stiffness and discomfort in your horse’s back and pelvic region Now that the lockdown restrictions are beginning to be eased, what are you hoping to do with your horse? Perhaps it’s time to bring them back into work after a little holiday or, if you’ve kept... Read More

WOW Masks - making PPE a priority!

Posted: 12/05/2020

WOW Masks is a small, family-run business based in the Kent countryside, just outside Canterbury. Their core business is saddle-making, producing innovative and bespoke saddles using beautiful leathers and materials. The entire business is based on applying modern product design, engineering and materials to address the challenges of creating saddles... Read More

Could your horse be the key to securing planning permission?

Posted: 07/05/2020

At Reeve Brown we are regularly approached by equestrian businesses and private owners who are seeking advice on the prospects of gaining planning permission in rural and previously undeveloped locations for stables, barns and menages. However surprisingly few people appear to be aware that equestrian development such as this also significantly... Read More

Insurance for equestrian business in uncertain times

Posted: 07/05/2020

As equestrian businesses around the country start to feel the effects of the global COVID-19 crisis Shearwater Insurance have realised that many businesses are entering ‘survival mode’ and many freelance workers are starting to feel the pinch. Instructors & Riders For those instructors and coaches who are looking for reassurance if they return... Read More

Is your horse taking a break due to COVID-19?

Posted: 07/05/2020

You can support your horse during this downtime by providing them with a detox. In these uncertain times and with all equestrian events cancelled, horses are being turned out to the field for a much-deserved break or workload has been reduced. Whilst it is much easier to look at the negatives... Read More

Equestrian Property for Sale May 2020

Posted: 07/05/2020

Usk, Monmouthshire : £1,800,000 An outstanding EQUESTRIAN PROPERTY with five bedroomed house located in the rolling Monmouthshire countryside. The property includes professional standard equestrian facilities all set within 50 acres of land together with an extensive range of outbuildings and a 25m x 54m all-weather floodlit outdoor arena. There is excellent hacking... Read More

Spring Steam

Posted: 07/05/2020

Grass laminitis typically occurs in the spring when the early flush of grass produces a highly nutritious feed, rich in water soluble carbohydrates (sugars). Horses are not designed to consume such rich feed and so restricting the time at pasture or using a grazing muzzle is essential if intakes are to... Read More

Can Coronavirus Be Carried On Boots?

Posted: 07/05/2020

Each day new information is released, and more questions asked, How can I further protect myself against spreading Covid-19? These questions are asked with good reason. With the hands and face being the first call of concern, is it time to start worrying about our feet? It is important during this time... Read More

Three Decades of Trust in Animalintex®

Posted: 07/05/2020

Sue Goddard’s horse, William, is prone to abscesses due to flat feet and very thin soles. 19-year-old William has been a part of Sue’s family for the past 12 years and although a little arthritic, the pair enjoy a gentler pace of life – happy hacking and occasionally competing in in-hand arena... Read More

Competitions Galore to raise money for the NHS Charities in May!

Posted: 06/05/2020

Nurse launches nationwide equestrian business during lockdown to raise money for the NHS. Equestrian Giveaways was scheduled to launch in August 2020 but Beatrice Vaughan and her partner Ben Hodson decided to bring the launch date forward and refocus the business entirely on raising funds for the NHS Charities Together Campaign. Beatrice,... Read More

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