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The only rugs that work with electric fencing!

The only rugs that work with electric fencing!

Win a state-of-the-art Fence Buster rug with Guardian!

During rugging season do you sometimes feel like a professional fence fixer after the 100th time of putting the electric fence back up? If so then Guardian’s clever electric fence rugs are the answer!

There is always one or two that are smart enough to know that when they have rugs on, they can’t feel the electric fence, and off they trot straight through happily trashing your fence in the process.

Guardian’s clever rugs work with the electric fencing so the horse feels exactly the same as they would if not wearing a rug, an incredibly effective design that stops even the most determined escape artists.

The clever fabrics in the neck cover and rug simply transfer the pulse to the inside; so it stops them pushing through, leaning over or ducking under the fence.

Do you own an ‘escape artist’? Is your horse a serial fence trasher? Have they let their friends out? Made you late for work?

To be in with a chance of winning a fantastic 1680d 250g Fence Buster rug and neck cover, tick to confirm you have read the T's & C's and hit the ENTER NOW button.

You can find all of our Escape artist vs Guardian stories at

Closing date: 02/01/18

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