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The Amerigo Elastic Dressage Girth is specially shaped to distribute the pressure from the girth over a wider surface area and is not concentrated in one narrow area that can lead to soreness when a horse is overgirthed.


The GH27 Elastic Dressage Girth from Amerigo is a newer version of the very successful GH04 girth. The shaping has been improved further to provide even more freedom in the sensitive elbow area.

These girths are particularly useful when the horse girth depth is very close to the elbow. The soft elastic and calfskin on the sides of the girth offer no resistance or sharp edges that hinder the movement. The generous shaping ensures that the sensitive elbow does not connect with the girth.

The Amerigo Elastic Dressage Girth is priced at around £260.00.

For further information contact Zebra Products on (01352) 763350 or visit

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