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Animalintex® is a poultice and wound care dressing that is licenced by the Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD), meaning it is strictly controlled to ensure efficacy, safety and consistency.

As a licenced product it can be used to treat a wide range of conditions, including a number of common ailments affecting horses during the winter months.


Highly absorbent, it is extremely versatile and can be applied either as a wet, hot or cold poultice, or as a dry dressing, to suit the needs of the injury.

It contains an antiseptic to clean and prevent re-infection and natural poulticing agent, Tragacanth, which, when it reacts with water, draws out any infection and creates a clean area for the wound to heal.

When applied as a hot, wet poultice Animalintex® increases the blood supply to the injured area, providing more oxygen, and white blood cells, which fight infection. The improved blood flow reduces the swelling, whilst the warmth of the poultice relieves the animal of pain, providing comfort.

Cold, wet poulticing can be refrigerated before application if necessary, and is recommended for use on sprains and strains, rather than on cuts.

Use Animalintex® dry for pressure padding after a lot of hard work to prevent or relieve inflammation. It can also be applied directly to a wound as an absorbent dry dressing.

Animalintex® is sold in a 41cm x 21cm dressing, which can be cut to the size and shape needed.

Animalintex® retails at around £5.50.

Robinson Animal Healthcare has a wide range of products for all your first aid requirements including the market leading Animalintex®, which is the only VMD licensed multi-layered absorbent poultice available in the UK and the legendary Veterinary Gamgee®.

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