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MSM for horses? A common topic discussed between equestrians, some saying it has really improved their horse’s health and others calling it a myth.



So, what are the FACTS about MSM for horses:

  • MSM (Methyl Sulphonyl Methane) is a rich source of sulphur.
  • Sulphur is an essential mineral for optimal muscle metabolism and keeping tendons, ligaments, soft tissue, and hooves strong & sound.
  • MSM has antioxidant properties
  • It is naturally found in the horse’s body, as well as fruits, grains, vegetables and fresh forage
  • MSM splits into methionine and cysteine, two important amino acids.
  • It’s a white, salt-like substance that horses seem to find palatable.
  • If your horse is getting plenty of fresh green grass, then there isn’t any reason to feed extra MSM.

Which horse’s benefit from a MSM supplementation?

MSM is commonly used in the horse industry to help combat inflammation, therefore is ideal for horses with arthritis and tendon/ ligament injuries. It has also been used successfully for years to help:

  • Prevent/ reducing scar tissue
  • Promote muscle relaxation
  • Reduce inflammation and promote circulation
  • Analgesic (painkilling)
  • Promote healthy hoof and hair growth
  • Slow joint degeneration
  • Chelate or bind harmful heavy metals in the body
  • Boost the immune system; and
  • Support horses with itchy and dry skin

Synovium MSM is guaranteed pure with no fillers or synthetics. Scientific research shows that MSM, when feed at the correct levels, helps to support a healthier horse and optimal performance.

Additionally, Synovium vets have done extensive field research and found MSM is easily absorbed when applied topically. Helping to support recovery, healing and inflammation when applied directly to the area. Synovium offers several topical products with added MSM to take advantage of its benefits, including the Ginger + MSM Liniment, Arnica Hydrogel and Mudcare.



Why is there added Vitamin C in Synovium MSM Optimal-C supplement?

Most people are familiar with the wide range of benefits that feeding MSM to horses can offer. However not many understand why natural Vitamin C is added too.

Recent clinical trials have demonstrated that by feeding just the right amount of Vitamin C with MSM, it helps boost its beneficial effects further.

The presence of the vitamin improves the rate of absorbance of the MSM, producing more potent effects.

MSM & Vitamin C work best together for joint support, immune support, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Synovium supplements guarantee high levels of active ingredients to match the levels shown in scientific studies and their independent veterinary trials.


Is MSM competition safe?

Yes, MSM is safe to find to horses competing under FEI and Jockey Club rules and has no reported side effects.



The simple answer is yes, scientific research has proven the positive effects of feeding and applying MSM to support optimal horse health. It is important to feed the correct amounts and always research the product you’re using to be sure of the best results. Up to date studies show feeding 13g of MSM is per day is required.

Synovium Horse Health, Vetmarx BV


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