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Blue Chip Feed has launched a Facebook based, fun and low-risk challenge event for those wanting to keep their horses in basic exercise throughout the lockdown for Coronavirus.

Each new challenge will have its own Facebook event, with a video being shared onto the event on a Tuesday afternoon. Those interested in taking part can watch the video, and have a go at their own home/yard. When you feel you are ready, film yourself attempting the challenge and post your attempt back onto the relevant event page.

At the moment, all exercises will be very low risk: in hand, walk and trot. Riders and handlers will need very basic supplies such as a few poles.

Challenge 1 is NOW LIVE, and open for entries until 5pm on Tuesday 31st March. All you need is 1 pole.

Challenge 2 will go live on Tuesday 31st March and will be open for entries until 5pm on Tuesday 7th April.  You will need 4 poles.

Challenge events will be added each week, so keep checking the Blue Chip event pages.

Winners may be chosen from time to time for a variety of reasons. The series is designed to be fun, encouraging and supportive in times that are currently tough for owners.

Blue Chip understand that many owners may not be able to be with their horses at the moment, so they will look continue this series in the future, giving everyone the chance to get involved, building towards the creation of a training hub.

Keep an eye out for future challenges from Blue Chip’s sponsored riders, offering some great training ideas for you to use at home.

Do you have a challenge idea you would like to see featured? Message the Blue Chip Facebook page or email and it could be featured in the future!

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