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Boasting a timeless elegance, Fleck dressage whips are the perfect riding aid. Whether for professional or recreational use – Fleck dressage whips meet the demands of the most discerning riders!

Core materials of the highest quality are taken and refined to form the basis for optimum flexibility, perfect balance and added durability.


The Carbon Ultralight features a non-slip PU grip and a plastic cap. With the high-tech carbon material, this whip makes for relaxed riding and maximum precision when it counts!

The finish and innovative design of this dressage whip completes the perfect relationship of form and function, to ensure a polished performance in the dressage arena.

Available in various different colours including black, dark blue and dark red, and length options ranging from 100 to 140cm), priced at £35.00.

For further information please contact Zebra Products on +44(0)1352 763350 or visit

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