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Cavalor Recup Gel is a natural, cooling blue-transparent gel that helps to enhance muscle and tendon recovery.

The ingredients help support the cooling down and recovery process and so aiding with preventing muscle aches and stiffness.

Tendons are rigid structures that constitute the connections between muscles and bones. Movement is caused by the muscle that the tendons are attached to.


During acute overexertion or overstretching, the tendon is damaged and antibodies are transported in fluids, causing a visible accumulation.

When muscles are not sufficiently prepared for a heavy workout, or when training is more intense than usual, tears can appear in the muscle fibres.

Recup Gel helps speed up the muscle recovery process and includes several essential oils that create a synergetic cooling effect, to relax the muscles and help support the wear and tear.

Cavalor Recup Gel – 200ml - £16.00.

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