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Breeding and the early stages of a horse’s life are arguably the most influential when it comes to creating your next star. Give them the best chance possible to develop into the competition horse you have always dreamt of with HorseLight.

HorseLight is an advanced form of light therapy technology which is worlds apart from ordinary stable lights. It is scientifically proven to enhance the health and wellbeing of horses by emitting a very specific spectrum of blue light. The technology centres around the notion that the Circadian Rhythm, the body clock of all mammals, can be influenced with artificial lighting.


It has long been acknowledged that the introduction of light into the breeding cycle of mares in the winter months would bring them into season earlier. By using Light Therapy, we can optimise biological performance in a way that is completely anti-invasive. Under HorseLight, mares have been seen to have a more reliable ovulation pattern producing a higher rate of first-time conception, benefiting both the horse and breeders. The earlier breeding season produced by light therapy will also benefit competitive embryo transfer mares reducing the disruption to their competition schedule, as well as horses in the racing industry who rely on earlier foals for the competitive advantage it gives them. Light therapy also helps to improve a foal’s growth rate alongside restricting the bacterial and fungal load within the stable, this minimises the risk of any threatening infection that the new-born could be exposed to.

HorseLight provides many physical and financial benefits for the breeding industry, but the beauty of this product is it’s practicality. The Advanced HorseLight provides a red-light function, enabling you to complete late night checks, or even remain on foal watch without disturbing the horses. This prevents any disruption to the melatonin production of the associated biological processes.

HorseLight work closely with some of the UK’s leading breeders and studs. They have successfully introduced ground-breaking lighting techniques across the globe, creating bespoke lighting solutions and a range of made-to-order packages to suit specific needs and requirements. Get in touch today and trust the experts to put your foal’s future first.

Call +44 (0) 1285 896 440 or visit for more information.

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