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As the season grows cooler, the nutrients in grazing diminish and equines can find it harder to maintain condition. The key to preventing a ‘drop-off’ in the colder months is to ensure your horse receives a nutrient rich, fibre based diet all year round, paying particular attention to the change in seasons…

 Preparing for winter includes many tasks; stable preparation, clipping and rug-maintenance - however one of the most important responsibilities is to ensure your feed plan is in place. Caring for horses attentively now will help combat problems prior to them occurring when the temperature drops. You don’t want to build your horse’s condition throughout the competition season only to lose it in a matter of weeks when the weather changes!

 Deciding what to feed your equine over the winter can seem like a big and daunting task but at Chestnut Horse Feeds things are kept simple, with one key mission; to produce high fibre, complete feeds using only the finest natural ingredients.

 During the winter it is essential to provide ample forage, including hay or haylage, to our horses and ponies in order to keep condition, provide natural nutrients and keep the equine gut mobile and healthy. Chestnut Horse Feeds strongly believe in feeding naturally and because of this all of their products are high in fibre. High fibre content is important in a feed as it slows down the digestive transit allowing nutrients to be correctly absorbed and utilised, essential during the colder weather. Long stemmed fibre, as included in the Chestnut Horse Feeds range, also increases chewing time, which stimulates the production of saliva, buffering stomach acid and in turn reducing the risk of colic, which can be more common during the winter when our equine’s stabled time increases.

 The Chestnut Horse Feeds range includes products such as Alpha Plus, Alpha Easy, Sports Horse Mix and Chestnut Lite, offering optimum nutrition for all equines in totally balanced formulations, packed full of essential vitamins and minerals to help prevent loss of condition and vitality.

 In addition, all Chestnut Horse Feeds are offered in the exclusive Bulk Bin Feeding System, which provides horse owners with a waterproof, rodent-proof and lockable free storage system that is delivered to their yard and collected after use. Also available in 20kg bags, prices start at £11.50.

 Keep your horse in tip-top condition this season with the palatable, natural and nutrient rich range of feeds from Chestnut Horse Feeds. For more information visit or telephone a member of the team on 01455 558808.


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