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You can always guarantee when you want to clip your horse it will be on a windy day and there is nothing worse than horsehair penetrating your clothes especially if you have not dressed appropriately. If you have no choice and all your wearing is a fleece jumper, make sure the wind is behind you and invest in a Clipit suit otherwise you could regret if for years to come!

 The best garment to wear is the Clipit Suit made and designed by Clipit Grooming. This all-in-one suit provides full cover from the hi-neck and long elasticated sleeves to protect errant hairs penetrating your skin. The suit is durable and breathable, so great for those hot sunny days and cooler months. It has zipped legs too, so it is easy to pop on and off while keeping your muckers on.


Having to plan clipping around your day and then go home for a shower before doing anything else?

No more worries take off the Clipit suit and be hair free!! Just add your lippy and head to the shops.

The Clipit Suit is deceptively flexible says Leah of Classy Clips of Galway…. it allows you to twist, crouch and turn to those hard to reach areas! Leah was really surprised and extremely impressed with the suits durability even after wearing it day in and day out for 3 seasons. I have used the Clipit Suit for the past 3 seasons of clipping, and I can honestly say it's been nothing short of life changing for me!

 Instead of having to worry about ruining clothes, the Clipit Suit keeps me hair free, and stops my clothes from being ruined underneath. And even more importantly I am not itching the whole way home!

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