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Hundreds of horses lose their lives to colic each year. While most cases can be cured medically, 5-10% will require surgery to save the horse’s life. If you found yourself faced with the prospect of life-saving surgery for your horse, could you afford to foot the bill?

Luckily, this is where SEIB Insurance Brokers comes in. Colic surgery can be costly – SEIB’s average colic claim cost in 2020 was £2,809. But SEIB can provide cover up to £7,500 per colic surgery claim, with a range of fixed excesses – meaning that you won’t need to hesitate when it comes to making the best decision for your horse in an emergency.

During the past year, the number of horses suffering after being fed by members of the public has risen. Among these is Hamish the Shetland, who underwent colic surgery costing more than £5,500 after being fed roast chicken by a thoughtless passer-by. While insurance can seem expensive, surgery costs more.

At SEIB Insurance Brokers, we understand how traumatic it is to be faced with a colicking horse; after all, we have been advising horse owners for nearly 60 years. The last thing you need in this situation is to be worrying about spiralling costs. But with SEIB on your side, you can rest easy knowing you can always put your horse’s health first.

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