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It’s that time of year when we’re hopefully dusting off the show kit and planning for a sunny and successful season – whether it’s a gentle hack down the lane, our first pony club/riding club outing, preparation for top level competition or something in-between…

At some point, the age-old question – do I need studs? – may well arise.

The simple answer is no – unless your horse or pony is likely to slip, or you (or your mount) would like the confidence gained from knowing you have that little bit extra grip should you need it.

Studding is all about confidence – imagine you’re walking across a slippery surface… icy, muddy or even hard ground – if you lose your footing, chances are you’ll be a little less confident next time; the same goes for your horse!

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In the same way that we owe it to our horses to school, prepare and ride them as well as we possibly can, we also have to equip them to do the best they possibly can and appropriate studs for the conditions are one more ingredient in the mix that will enable you and your horse to produce your very best performance when it matters.

To be perfectly honest, studding up is never likely to be your favourite job; however, we have designed SupaStuds to make the whole process less stressful – for you and your horse.

To begin with, there really is no need to keep tapping the thread.  The tap is not only screwed into the shoe (lets hope they don’t stamp or kick out!) but it is also is a cutting tool which, if lined up incorrectly, will start to make a new thread.  We can tell you from experience that once you’ve damaged the thread in the shoe, you’re going to struggle to get any studs in.

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SupaStuds have a unique, patented design that ensures that any dirt in the thread of the shoe is scraped out as the stud screws in.  Just remove the plug (or excess dirt if you don’t use a plug) and screw the SupaStud in.  Once it’s comfortably tight, give it an extra part turn with your spanner which will ‘lock’ it into place – it will then stay in your shoe until you remove it.  Our studs also have a concave base ensuring there is pressure point.  They are made in the UK and especially treated to ensure longevity.  A welcome result of this hardening process is that the studs are virtually rust-free!

In short, SupaStuds are easier, faster and safer to use!  

When it comes to what style of studs, how many studs, how big they should be etc. everyone has a different answer.

The correct combination will ultimately be decided by your horse, but factors such as size/age/experience/level of competition/ground conditions – they all play their part.

The ‘basic’ rules are to always use the smallest studs you can, based upon your horse’s needs and the ground conditions.  Keep the foot as balanced and level as you can, but don’t stress too much – a lot of people use different front and back, and sometimes differ between the inside and outside of the foot.

Here at SupaStuds we can’t guarantee you the perfect combination of studs for your horse… what we can do is offer you individual help and advice based on our years of experience – if you have any queries, please give us a call on our advice line 01299 403389.

Above all, have fun and stay safe!!

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