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From the leaders in equine bio-security, Stable Shield Disinfectant is a premium hard surface disinfectant cleaner that can be applied to stables, tack/feed rooms and outer areas.

The disinfectant is an advanced hard surface/multi-surface cleaner and sanitiser which contains one of the fastest acting and most powerful germ killing products available.

Effective within 30 seconds and kills up to 99.999% of bacteria but is alcohol-free and contains no irritants within its formula, it is safe to use for our horses’ environment.

A statement from Alan Creighton of the Irish Equine Centre said: “Stable Shield Disinfectant has been tested to be effective for up to 30 days on surfaces against envelope viruses like EHV. Coronavirus is in the same class.

“To protect horses and their owners use Stable Shield Disinfectant on all surfaces in your yard for your protection.”

Earlier in the year, new regulations came out from the BHA General Instructions (BHAGI) that only equine specific chemical disinfectants should be used at racecourses when carrying out a Level One clean and Stable Shield was put forward as one of the approved products to use.

Stable Shield was tested by the Irish Equine Centre and the Animal Health Trust against equine bacteria, fungi, equine viruses and diseases such as Streptococcus Equi (strangles), Rhodococcus Equi, Trichophython (equine strain of ringworm), Aspergillus mould (causes RAO and bleeding), Equine Influenza and Equine Herpes virus type 1 and 4.


Now more than ever it is an important time to ensure we are trying to keep to the best of our ability, a safe and clean environment for both humans and horses.

To ensure Stable Shield works to its maximum effectiveness, we recommend that your stable is correctly ventilated and cleaned regularly, dirt removed from the stable walls, power-washed at least every six months, and disinfected monthly.

Stable Shield Disinfectant is available in 5L at £65 + VAT and delivery.

For further information on the Stable Shield range visit the website: 

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