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For equestrians who love their technology, advancements in wearables and wearable devices have moved on in leaps and bounds in the last decade. Pioneers in technical equestrian clothing & accessories, Equetech continue to pave the way, as Liz Hayman, MD & Designer explains;

 "Wearable technology can take many forms; from accessories like eyewear or a wrist device to others which are integrated into a piece of clothing. The effect of these devices is extensive and can a significant positive impact on the wearer. The actual concept of wearable technology has been there for quite some time. However, its implementation on mainstream products has only just started to appear in rider clothing and accessories.

 As a clothing brand, our focus on technology has always asked how can we apply it to garments to support riders needs and improve life with your horse?

 As an innovative clothing brand, focusing on equestrian apparel, we have continued to develop our technical fabrics. In the last twelve months, we have seen the launch of two new garments, that heavily feature technology.

 As a designer, I have always been very conscious that technology in apparel should not take over from the overall look and style of a garment. The style should remain, and the technology should work seamlessly and subtly in the background.

 The Equetech Inferno Long Quilted Coat is the first British designer equestrian heated fashion coat to be introduced on the market. Showerproof and water-resistant, this long, lightweight padded coat is designed for superior warmth, with heat control and Bio-Down ethical insulation, to keep you warm and stylish in the harshest of weathers!


The coat features a network of technical heat panels along the thigh and lower back region and offers three temperature levels. Simply plug in your own power bank, place in your zip pocket and choose a level of heat (low, medium, high), using a discrete button in the pocket giving you approximately * 2-6 hours of warmth, depending on heat level. *Based on 5000mAh power bank.

Our new coat takes inspiration from catwalk trends with a flattering chevron quilt and features rider-friendly details. As a rider myself, I always look to incorporate details that I want in my own clothing. Features on this particular coat include a two-layer storm flap which conceals a shorter, waisted 'easy wear' YKK durable zip to the front, and a soft opening to the back to protect your saddle, yet enable you to also ride in it!


Designing a garment which not only does the job but looks stylish in the saddle and away from the yard is always central to my design process.

 The second garment, The Equetech Therapy Breeches, incorporates magnetic technology within strategically placed panels on the waistband.

 Magnetic technology is extremely popular in horse wear for its holistic benefits, and now these machine-washable high waist breeches bring the same broad-reaching benefits to the rider.   Their flattering outline, careful seam positioning, contoured high waistband and hidden support also lift and shape your body to complement your curves with comfort. These will be available to buy from February 2020 and available to pre-order from your Equetech stockist or online at "

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