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The super smart and eye-catching Equipe STAF14 Safety Stirrups are an innovative design that are used by top show jumper Ben Maher.

The fixed main gullet of these safety stirrups has been crafted from Ergal, chosen for its mechanical properties, which is far superior to all other aluminium alloys.


They feature a mobile silicone arm that is securely attached at the top into a built-in pin on the fixed gullet, that has been designed to release under pressure in the event of a fall.

The carefully crafted stirrup treads feature unique slots for removing sand from your boots, with a texture that increases grip, helping to ensure optimum security and stability throughout use.

The Equipe STAF14 Safety Stirrups are available in a variety of colour combinations, meaning there will be a pair to match your style.

Priced at around £315.

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