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Saddles don’t always fit perfectly. Your horse may drop weight suddenly, lose muscIe, topline or you may use one saddle for many different horses.  But by investing in an Equitex Polar Plus Correctional Pad, you will be able to protect their back while helping the horse’s muscles develop underneath.

Many saddlers at some point, have suggested the use of a riser pad to temporarily make a saddle fit until the horse develops enough muscle to be fitted properly.  The Equitex Polar Plus Correctional Pad is a rear rising pad with a front rise of 2cm graduating to a 4cm rise toward the rear of the pad. It is an ideal solution for situations where muscle development is required for increased performance or rehabilitation and then return to a standard Equitex saddle pad after this time.  As with all Equitex saddle pads they are unique in that they don’t increase bulk under the saddle, providing stability and support, ensuring even pressure and a superb saddle fit.  


Designed carefully for the wellbeing and comfort of your horse, the most unique part of the Polar Plus Pad is what is hidden inside. Equitex use a unique tech-foam that gives with pressure and reforms immediately when the pressure is released. It is NOT memory foam! There are numerous layers of high-tech foam and shock absorbing material that are sandwiched together and then bonded to the outer layer of velvet which negates any creases, ridges, lumps or bumps therefore preventing any pressure points. It allows for total freedom of movement for the skin and muscles under the saddle promoting muscle development.

The pads are recommended to be worn UNDER your plain cotton saddle cloth in contact with the horse to benefit from the non-slip properties. Or can be worn alone.

Easy to care for, there is no need to wash an Equitex Saddle Pad after every use, just leave to dry and simply clean with a soft brush. After frequent use the saddle pad can be put in the washing machine at 30 °C and air dry.  

Equitex Correctional Pads RRP from £169.00

Equitex can customise a correctional pad with any required specifications into a full saddle pad in any of their colour range or fabric. Front or rear riser and any depth.

Buy online at

(Editors please note this is a .co address NOT a .com)

Sizes: Full, Cob

Colours: Silver, Diamond, Emerald, Onyx, Chocolate, Champagne, Sapphire, Ruby


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