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Every young rider loves a bit of ‘matchy-matchy’, but unfortunately many saddle cloth options available aren’t always the best for your pony’s back!  This is where the Equitex Pony Half Pad comes in. The cut of this half pad has been specifically designed to sit discreetly under a pony’s standard saddle cloth, wicking away any sweat, securing the saddle fit and protecting the pony’s back. 

As with all Equitex saddle pads the pony pad is unique in that it will not increase bulk under the saddle, provides stability and support, ensuring even pressure and a superb saddle fit.  


Designed carefully for the wellbeing and comfort of your pony, the most unique part of the Pony Half Pad is what is hidden inside. Equitex use a unique tech-foam that gives with pressure and reforms immediately when the pressure is released. It is NOT memory foam! There are numerous layers of high-tech foam and shock absorbing material that are sandwiched together and then bonded to the outer layer of velvet which negates any creases, ridges, lumps or bumps therefore preventing any pressure points. It allows for total freedom of movement for the skin and muscles under the saddle promoting muscle development.

These pads are recommended to be worn UNDER your standard or matchy-matchy saddle cloth, in direct contact with the pony to benefit from all the amazing Equitex features. Or it can be worn alone.

Easy to care for, there is no need to wash an Equitex Saddle Pad after every use, just leave to dry and simply clean with a soft brush. After frequent use the saddle pad can be put in the washing machine at 30 °C and air dry. 

Equitex Pony Half Pad £159

Available in Onyx.

Buy online at

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