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Brand new and eagerly awaited is the latest colour from Equitex, Sienna. Available in their unique Velvet (Luxe) which is iridescent, meaning the colour changes slightly with the light. A rich, burnt orange, that looks beautiful on any horse.

This would be an unbeatable, luxury gift for any equestrian this Christmas, no matter what their discipline is. Truly wow them with a gift that will keep on giving, year after year.

All Equitex Saddle Pads are entirely non-slip and have been proven by the Italian manufacturers to reduce the impact and concussion that a rider can impart through the saddle. They have also been shown to help encourage muscle development under the saddle.  Crafted from advanced technical fabrics which provide soft cushioning, impact absorption and the ultimate in comfort, style and performance for both horse and rider.


Made from a unique, internal layering system of reactive foam, the underside of Equitex pads is in a tech velvet which works with the horse’s coat to stay fixed firmly in place while allowing for total freedom of movement for the skin and muscles under the saddle. The inner foam is bonded to the outer fabric rather than stitched in, there are no creases, ridges, lumps or bumps so negating any pressure points. There are no girth straps or fixing loops and the “sticky” heat sealed, graphic grips on the topside of each saddle pad help secure the saddle firmly in place.

These saddle pads are extremely hardwearing, breathable, and the incredibly soft velvet next to the skin is comfortable and has moisture wicking properties to prevent localised over-heating and reduces the formation of moisture and sweat.

Equitex know that saddles don’t always fit perfectly. A horse may drop weight suddenly, lose muscle or topline, so they are happy to work with you to build in correctional pads with front or rear risers of any thickness. Ensuring ultimate comfort for long- and short-term solutions.

All pads are handmade to order so if you are buying for a Christmas gift, please allow time for the bespoke service plus delivery from Italy.

The Sienna saddle pad is available in GP, Close Contact and Dressage £229

Buy online at 

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