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An abscess may come on suddenly, leaving your horse in considerable discomfort, and even the smallest wound can become infected in just a few hours, so prompt treatment is vital.

To treat an abscess or an infected wound you will need to apply a hot, wet poultice, so there are a few essential items that you will always need to keep in your first aid kit to form a capsule poultice kit.


What to include in a poultice kit

  • A licensed poultice such as Animalintex® which contains an antiseptic to clean and prevent re-infection and natural poulticing agent, Tragacanth, which, when it reacts with water, draws out any infection and creates a clean wound area for the wound to heal.
  • Veterinary Gamgee® to use as padding on top of the Animalintex®.
  • A cohesive bandage such as Equiwrap® to hold everything in place.
  • A clean container, such as a shallow tray to soak the Animalintex® in. Do not use a bucket, unless it has been sterilised first.
  • A hygienic sponge and salt to clean the hoof or wound thoroughly prior to poulticing. A mix of a level teaspoon of salt per pint of previously boiled water will help prevent further infection.
  • Duct tape to help keep everything in place when poulticing a hoof to help stop the shoe breaking through the bandage and keep it dry.


Keeping all of these important items together in one place as a poultice kit will save time and stress when faced with an injured horse or one that refuses to put weight on their foot due to the agony of an abscess.

Remember to regularly check the use-by-date on the packaging of a licensed poultice and replace when necessary.

Animalintex® can also be used to treat a wide range of conditions.

Robinson Animal Healthcare has a wide range of products for all your first aid requirements including the market leading Animalintex®, which is the only VMD licensed multi-layered absorbent poultice available in the UK and the legendary Veterinary Gamgee®.

Always contact your vet if you have any concerns about a wound or abscess.

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