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Fibre-Beet is a super-fibre conditioning feed formulated to contain all the benefits of Speedi-Beet with added high quality alfalfa for optimum condition and quality protein for muscle tone and function.

The highly degradable fibre sources in Fibre-Beet provide optimum fermentation patterns to help keep the digestive system healthy.

Fibre-Beet when fermented produces high levels of butyric acid, which aids the function of the cells of the gut wall, and low levels of lactic acid, making it an ideal alkaline feed.

With an effective degradability 50% higher than forage fibre, Fibre-Beet can improve energy intake whilst keeping dietary fibre levels at an optimum.


Fibre-Beet also provides a good range of minerals, amino acids and has added Biotin for hoof quality. It has a low sugar and starch content making it an ideal fibre sources for horses and ponies prone to laminitis as part of a balanced diet.

Soaked and ready to feed in only 45 minutes in cold water, or 15 minutes in warm water, the RRP is £13.50 - £14.50.

For more information on Fibre-Beet please contact British Horse Feeds on 01765 680300 or visit

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