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Feel at ease and ready for the competition season with NETTEX eCalm. It is so important to keep your horse or pony calm at competitions, not only for your safety and others around you but for their health and wellbeing too. You want to make sure you’re both able to deliver the best result on the day. Now, thanks to NETTEX, you can unlock your potential and get back in the saddle in the best way possible with their NEW calmer for horses - eCalm.


eCalm is a non-magnesium, natural calmer which has been developed by world-leading veterinary surgeons and scientists with proven, statistically significant results.  Its prebiotic like functionality comes from novel ingredient Wheatgerm Extract which has been shown to influence the horses natural gut microbiome which in turn supports calmness and well-being as well as supporting gut functionality and the maintenance of a healthy skin and coat.  Almost two billion dollars has been spent on research in humans in recent years that has demonstrated a two-way interaction between the gut microbiome and the brain and the impact that the microbiome has on behaviour. [1][2] Over recent years, this research has expanded even further into equines. Trials published in Veterinary Times 2018 demonstrate the positive effects of feeding eCalm to horses with behavioural traits asscociated to stress/nervousness [3] and horse owners have confirmed eCalm’s swift action and noticeable results:

Ollie’s owner:

 “I have tried many other calmers which had no real effect. He is a character but, since using eCalm I have found him to be much more settled in his stable and whilst out competing.”

The addition of eCalm further strengthens the existing NETTEX calmer range, which provides many options for horse owners should they prefer magnesium or non-magnesium-based calmers, pastes or powders.  NETTEX now delivers a number of solutions for any situation where a horse calmer may be required e.g. travelling, clipping, competing or general stress.

eCalm is added to feed just once a day which makes it a cost effective, natural calmer with proven results, giving you and your horse peace of mind when returning to normal life.

RRP £37.99 1kg tub (lasting approximately 50 days for the average 500kg horse)

Available now, from retail and online stockists.

For more information and reviews on eCalm or to find a stockist visit:

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[1] Proctor L. Priorities for the next 10 years of human microbiome research. (2019)

[2] Clarke G et al Minireview: Gut microbiota: The neglected endocrine organ. (2014)


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