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Looking for a low sugar, low starch diet as you get out and about competing again?

Whether heading to the white boards for a dressage competition, taking to the coloured poles for a show jumping round or heading out on the cross-country, a calm, focused ride will help achieve the best results.

After time away from the atmosphere of a show or event, with a quieter season last year, many horses and ponies can easily become excitable and anxious when in warm up arenas or feeling the tension of a competition.

In such cases a low sugar, low starch diet can help and throughout May there is £2.00 off a bag of TopSpec UlsaKind Cubes at participating retailers nationwide, whilst promotional stocks last.

TopSpec UlsaKind Cubes are very low starch and formulated to provide calories for condition (12MJ/kg) whilst being highly sympathetic to the digestive system, even when it is compromised by extreme acidity.


UlsaKind Cubes are ideal in those circumstances where the internal surface of the stomach has been eroded, because they contain very high levels of β-glucans which form a gel and coat the stomach lining with a protective film. The gel-like stomach contents are less likely to splash the upper squamous epithelium in the stomach.

These β-glucans also slow the rate of passage of feed through the stomach and intestines because of the sticky, gel-like consistency of the feed. In the stomach this means that the periods of time when the stomach is empty and therefore highly acidic, are reduced. Because the β-glucans in UlsaKind Cubes bind to sugars in the intestine, their absorption is slowed and the glycaemic index of the feed is lowered.

The TopSpec UlsaKind Cubes formula also contains 1% of a marine-derived ingredient with established buffering properties. This calcium and magnesium-rich substance has been scientifically proven to reduce environmental acidity in the equine stomach (in vitro) for up to six hours.

UlsaKind Cubes are designed to be added to a TopSpec Feed Balancer or supplement and therefore contain no added vitamins or trace-elements. They are however, enriched with the minerals calcium, sodium and magnesium. The calcium and magnesium sources have a mild, short-term, buffering effect against stomach acid.

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