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Exclusive new show “Charlotte Dujardin: The Magic of London” launches on Horse & Country’s streaming service, H&C+

There is a special bond between some athletes and a particular venue. Think Tiger Woods and Augusta, Lewis Hamilton and Silverstone, Rafael Nadal and Roland Garros. In the equestrian world, one of the greatest such bonds is that between Olympic dressage legend Charlotte Dujardin and iconic London venue, Olympia. But, in this instance, there’s a third member of the partnership; wonder horse Valegro. Horse & Country’s new show, Charlotte Dujardin: The Magic of London, in partnership with Saracen Horse Feeds, explores this extraordinary three-way relationship.

In a wide-ranging, in-depth interview with Lizzie Greenwood-Hughes, Charlotte reveals her love for Olympia and talks about the highlights of her and Valegro’s many successes in the arena. But Olympia was a target for Charlotte long before Valegro came into her life. As a young child her appearance in costume, as a chicken, in the Xmas Finale show was the start of a lifelong love affair and a determination to one day perform on the main stage. As Charlotte says, “There’s no arena that gives you that same buzz”.

In the interview Lizzie asks about Charlotte and Valegro’s world record Freestyle score at Olympia in 2014. They review the film of the test and, at one stage, Charlotte is overcome by emotion and has to leave the set. Fortunately she returns to talk about other Olympia successes and, of course, the unforgettable Farewell Ceremony for Valegro in 2016.

On the question of Valegro’s retirement, whilst still at the pinnacle of his career, Charlotte is crystal clear: she doesn’t have a single regret and takes huge pleasure in his life today, still sound, still being ridden, and still realising the dreams of thousands of people who want to meet the legendary dancing horse.

Charlotte Dujardin: The Magic of London features footage of Charlotte and Valegro from Olympia and other events from their career together. It is available now on Horse & Country’s streaming service, H&C+. And H&C+ members have another treat in store on Thursday 16th December when they can watch live as Charlotte rides Gio (Pumpkin) in the FEI Dressage World Cup (Short Grand Prix).

In addition to the dressage class, H&C+ is streaming extensive coverage across every day of this year’s London International Horse Show.  Members can watch online or with H&C’s mobile apps, as well as on Roku, Apple TV, Android TV, and Amazon Fire. Membership is just £5.99 per month and full details on how to join, as well as more information about LIHS coverage, can be found at All of the classes from LIHS are live on H&C+ and will be available on-demand from the following day.

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