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An ideal Christmas present for your horse is the HAYGAIN HG-GO hay steamer, a new model to add to the existing range of HAYGAIN Hay Steamers.

 The portable hay steamer will make your horse happy this Christmas, as it is proven to create dust-free hay, ensuring your horse is cough free this winter. The hay still maintains its complete nutritional value and goodness, whilst tastes great.

 The HG-GO features the same patented design and scientific testing that HAYGAIN is renowned for, whilst being very portable.

 Developed by the experts at Propress Equine, who combine a wealth of equestrian knowledge in their quest to ensure that high-quality dust-free forage is available to every horse, all HAYGAIN hay steamers are designed and manufactured in the UK.

 The fully collapsible bag will accommodate half a bale of hay or large hay net. The HG-GO is ideal to take to shows, or enables one to steam at home and then take to the yard.  It is available in black or pink. 

 The robust HG-GO is manufactured in a non-rip material with an insulated interlined multi layer construction for exceptional thermal efficiency. 

 All the models in the HAYGAIN range feature insulated weather proof steam receptacles giving optimum thermal efficiency leading to ongoing operating savings. The patented steam manifold design enables steam to penetrate the centre of the hay, releasing steam which defuses from the centre outwards, ensuring total effective steaming throughout, killing fungal spores, bacteria and dust mites.

 Steamed hay is ready to feed immediately after steaming cycles of less than 50 minutes depending on model.

 For further information please contact HAYGAIN on (0333) 200 5233 or visit

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