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Looking to feed extra fibre this summer?

Equerry High Fibre Cubes are designed for horses and ponies at rest or in very light work, when feeding forage alone is not enough to meet your horses’ nutritional needs.

Lower energy cubes are also a perfect way to provide ‘Non-Heating’ energy for excitable horses, whilst keeping them in tip-top health.

They are made from a high fibre formula providing essential vitamins and minerals including magnesium and a source of protein.


Equerry High Fibre Cubes are low calorie, making them ideal for good-doers and are cereal-grain free with low levels of sugar and starch. High Fibre Cubes can be soaked and are suitable for elderly horses as a hay replacer.

High Fibre Cubes RRP £10.75 for a 20KG sack.

For more information contact Equerry Horse Feeds on 01845 565640 or visit

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