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Hiho Silver’s latest additions to its Equestrian Collection feature a sterling silver horseshoe- whether the horseshoe is lucky or not, the Exclusive Sterling Silver Horseshoe Bangle and Exclusive Sterling Silver Horseshoe Pendant are definitely lovely!

 All products use the exclusive sterling silver horseshoe that is handmade with a gentle oxidisation on the inside to make it look just like the real thing. It also features nail holes for real authenticity!

 “Our new sterling silver horseshoe has taken a lot of development as we wanted to make something really special that actually looked like a real horseshoe…albeit a sterling silver version,” says Andrew Ransford from Hiho Silver, “When we finalised this design, we were thrilled and knew it was right for what we wanted. We’ve used it in two great lines, all have the horseshoe as the focal point.”

 The Sterling Silver Horseshoe Pendant features a clever way to attach the horseshoe to the silver snake chain that really enhances the overall appearance and adds to the look. With the bangle, Hiho Silver has incorporated a clip between the heels of the shoe, helping to ensure that the bangle stays in place, looks stunning and is easy to put on and take off.

 The Exclusive Sterling Silver Horseshoe Pendant has a RRP of £45 and the Exclusive Sterling Silver Horseshoe Bangle has a RRP of £75.

 For more information, see, call 01460 221006 or email

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