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Nicola Jane Bell was so inspired when she saw this latest model of riding simulator, she invested in one immediately. The fact that technology and dressage training have been brought together is a revelation.’ Hoggy’ can simple be referred to as the ultimate schoolmaster.

Thanks to ‘Hoggy’ any rider of any age, ability or discipline can benefit from this inspiring uncomplicated unique piece of equipment that eliminates the need to have lunge lessons or find a schoolmaster to improve your riding.

Based in Kent, Nicola has built a unique environment a warm Jacksons Equestrian Building with fitted mirrors which gives you total privacy and eliminates outside distraction.   The large interactive TV enables the rider to go from riding through the park to riding in an actual test arena. Hoggy is fitted with leg, saddle, head and neck sensors which show you exactly what your hand, leg and seat are doing. The full colour computer printout will show a full breakdown of your strengths and weaknesses with no opinions just the facts. Body awareness, muscle memory and feel can be taught and recorded giving the rider the ability to monitor their progression.

International Grand Prix Dressage Rider Hannah Biggs said” I think Hoggy is tremendous, I loved my session. Riding at Grand Prix doesn’t mean we are perfect! Hoggy allowed me to focus on fine tuning my riding technique without worrying about the horse & environment.                 

Nicola Bell said “Regardless of the discipline you choose every rider can benefit from becoming more aware of their body and how any tension can affect their horse’s performance. Training on Hoggy allows you to work entirely on YOU. It’s inspiring, rewarding and it works.  or contact Nicola on 07803 255221

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