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Redwings is inviting animal lovers to celebrate the King’s Coronation this weekend by sponsoring a very special horse, whose miracle birth was welcomed by HRH the Queen.

Monarch was named in honour of the late Queen’s Platinum Jubilee last April when he was born safely at Redwings to mum Majesty. Majesty was injured whilst pregnant with him after being hit by a car at Tilbury Docks in Essex. No owner could be traced so Redwings offered her a forever home.

The arrival of Monarch, now a young horse whose personality matches his enormous size, was met with ‘good wishes’ from the palace in a treasured letter to Redwings.

Lynn Cutress, chief executive of Redwings, said: “We wrote to the Queen to tell her about Monarch’s birth and he and his mother’s naming in her honour, and were thrilled to receive a wonderful letter thanking us for the ‘touching gesture’ in reply.


“This special boy – who is nearly as tall as his mum already – is still only young and we don’t yet know what impact his poor mum’s experiences may have had on him. He is currently living at one of our private Sanctuary sites whilst he has his youngster training and we ensure he doesn’t have any long-term health issues. However, we hope he will one day live in the spotlight at one of our Visitor Centres.

“Monarch is one of the youngest horses ever to join the adoption scheme, so this will be a unique opportunity to follow his growth, new experiences, training and triumphs!

“Making him available for adoption to celebrate the King’s Coronation seems very fitting for this 'Royal' boy’s journey so far.”


As a sponsor of Monarch, you will receive regular printed updates, including a beautiful photo to treasure, and emails four times a year with news of his life at Redwings. Monarch’s adoption pack is still being created and will be sent out for adopters to enjoy as soon as it’s ready. To sponsor Monarch please click here.

Last year Redwings took in 109 horses and ponies. Redwings’ field officers identified and intervened in 175 cases in 2022, improving the conditions of 622 horses through advice to owners or the removal of the equine into their care.

To adopt Monarch please go to or call 01508 505246.

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