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Your choice of forage for your horse or pony should be the most important dietary decision you make for them.

As the equine diet should consist of 70 – 100% forage, it makes sense to ensure that you opt for the best possible quality, and for a healthy respiratory system and to avoid conditions such as RAO, it should also be dust-free.

HorseHage offers several benefits to both horse and rider. It is dust-free and contains no additives, is consistent and fully guaranteed and comes in four different varieties so there’s a choice for all types of horses and ponies. It is lower in sugar than most hays and both the High Fibre and Timothy varieties can be safely fed to laminitics. 

But as well as the health benefits to your horse, it can also make your life easier too.

HorseHage does not require any soaking or steaming. It comes in easy to handle small bales, but don’t be fooled into thinking this means less forage. Our bales are highly compressed to around half their original size and packed into double-skinned bags to avoid puncturing. This makes them very handy and ideal to fit into your car boot for transportation and perfect for taking to shows, but they still contain around 22kg of forage.

HorseHage splits really easily into wedges for netting up and there is usually no waste as the taste is relished by most equines and they will usually eat up. To slow down your horse or pony’s rate of eating, use a small mesh HorseHage Net to prolong eating time or use two hay nets, one inside the other. This will also help to relieve boredom when your horse is stabled. Choosing a high quality forage such as HorseHage may also enable you to reduce your horse’s hard feed by up to a third.

We are offering a free HorseHage Net with every four bales or more of HorseHage purchased (while stocks last). We have 500 nets to give away – but once they’ve gone, they’ve gone! Just keep your till receipt showing your purchase of four bales or more and visit our website at to find out how to redeem it for your free net. Also check out our competition to ‘Win a Year’s Supply of HorseHage!’

For more information on feeding your horse or pony please call the HorseHage Helpline on 01803 527257 or visit

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