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Industry collaboration with The School of Veterinary Medicine, University of Surrey, and HorseLight.

HorseLight are delighted to be supporting a study being undertaken by two 3rd year Vet students, Jennifer Gilchrist and Izzie Soriano from the University of Surrey School of Veterinary Medicine.  The aim of the study is to investigate and quantify anecdotal reports as to the impact of red and blue light on the horse’s welfare in their normal environment.


The study will provide an opportunity for Surrey Vet School students Izzie and Jennifer to spend time learning and collecting evidence on horses’ behaviour and nutrition, giving them a unique chance to holistically evaluate their health and welfare in subjects that they don’t have time to study in detail. The project is being overseen by Dr Teresa Hollands, Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Nutrition at The School of Vet Med, University of Surrey.

Dr Teresa Hollands said, “We feel sure that the collaboration with industry will enhance their understanding and learning process and provide useful input for their future careers and we are very excited to be able to provide the support to enable them to undertake clinical studies.  We hope to use the information from the studies in both scientific and lay publications.”

Dr Teresa Hollands is delighted that HorseLight have agreed to partner with the Vet school giving the students a chance to really ‘get into’ and understand eating behaviour and equine nutrition, “I hope that this is the start of a long-term partnership and student support with HorseLight”.

Data is being collected and recorded by Associate Director of Equine Nutrition,

Lizzie Drury MSc Rnutr.  from Saracen Horse Feeds. Lizzie was amongst some of the first equine nutritionists to gain registration with the Nutrition Society over 15 years ago.

Director of HorseLight Dr. Torjus Baalack is delighted to be backing the study. He commented “We are delighted to be supporting the next generation of veterinary experts. Horse welfare and management is key to providing our equines with a better quality of life.”

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