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Horse owners, stable managers and event managers will be incredibly excited by a revolutionary new approach to equine heating, a great improvement on traditional solutions.  Brought to you by Herschel it includes a variety of tailored Infrared solutions for various equine applications. 

 Infrared is already well established within the equine market in competition yards, for use after washing or to warm the horse before exercise.

 The Herschel distinction is that they specialise in Far Infrared, the preferred wavelength for comfort heating.

 Existing traditional Infrared heaters for horses use emitters that produce a shortwave, more intense, Infrared heat.  Not only can this be less comfortable for horses, these heaters emit wavelengths that water does not absorb as efficiently and animal skin has evolved to partly reflect.

 This distinction is key because Herschel produces heaters that are specially optimized for heat absorption by water, a very effective solution given that animal skin is 80% water. 

This is also relevant where heaters are used for drying equipment and rugs in tack rooms.

 In addition, Herschel solutions do not emit unnecessary light and consume less energy than the shortwave alternative.

 “Our lower wavelength Herschel Far Infrared emitter will provide a more effective, comfortable heat for horses with the added benefit of consuming less energy. Not only are our heaters cheaper to run they also use solid state elements meaning you never need to replace lamps” commented Paul Morey, CEO Herschel Far Infrared.  “At Herschel, we are dedicated to sharing  with consumers the enhanced benefits our advanced Far Infrared technology can bring and we are delighted to be able to offer these benefits for the Equine market”.

 Herschel offers heater packs for drying equipment, drying horses and comfort heating your horse in Stables and Sand-Schools.

 See for more details.

 Herschel also offers Far Infrared heating for home and office, space heating & outdoor heaters.

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