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Preventing the spread of equine infectious disease should be the collective responsibility of everyone involved in the horse world, urge experts – but at what cost? 

Whether running a veterinary practice, an event, a yard, or competing regularly at home or abroad, it is vital we all play our part to prevent the spread of infectious diseases to protect the health of our horses, ourselves and our livelihoods.

Photo credit: Edward Liddle

Covid-19 and the outbreak of Equine Herpes Virus on the continent have shone a spotlight on the importance of biosecurity, highlighting the need for “multiple individual interventions and strategies to reduce the total risk” according to comprehensive guidance notes produced by the equine infectious disease action group (EIDAG), a volunteer group of advisors chaired by Professor Celia Marr, in association with British Equestrian (BE) for members and event organisers.

In addition to vaccinating and regularly monitoring the health of horses in our care, staying home if signs of ill health are present, avoiding sharing of equipment etc. the use of a disinfectant to sanitise stables, water drinkers, mangers and equipment including, tack and boots upon return from competitions is essential – but it should be safe for horse and human health and the environment as well as being highly effective.

What’s the solution?

Join leading vets, trainers and yard owners in the fight against equine infection without risking harm from toxic chemicals by choosing MicroSafe. Featured in the Racecourse Owners’ Specialist Suppliers’ Directory, MicroSafe is a natural disinfectant with worldwide approval that is 99.9999% effective against bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores (from MRSA to strangles, Covid-19 to Equine Influenza, TB to Equine Herpes Virus) is pH neutral and contains no alcohol or toxic chemicals that could harm people, pets, equipment or the environment. It is safe for use on skin and can be used in the treatment of infections such as white line disease and mud fever, for cleansing wounds and as a hand sanitiser.

Tested and trusted by vets

Peasebrook Equine Clinic, based near Broadway in Worcestershire, is an equine practice that has made the switch to MicroSafe disinfectant. In addition to reviewing documented scientific evidence of MicroSafe’s efficacy and safety, the clinic conducted its own swab test; the results led to MicroSafe being added to the practice’s infection control protocol.

 Principal veterinary surgeon at Peasebrook, Dr Tim Galer said: “My interest in MicroSafe was piqued initially for sterilising semi-critical medical devices such as endoscopes as it is non-corrosive, non toxic as well as 99.9999% effective in under a minute.

“Fogging is the quickest and most efficient way to sanitise stables, the operating theatre and hard-to-reach areas – and I know it’s not going to damage surfaces and equipment so it’s become an essential weapon in our infection control armoury.  Also, MicroSafe doesn’t irritate the respiratory tract like the other solutions and is kind on skin”, concluded Dr Galer.  

Photo credit: Edward Liddle:

In a recent editorial in Horse & Hound (16th September) EIDAG Chair, Dr. Marr asserts; “Infectious disease is with us all the time, but the welfare of our equines and mitigating the risk of transmission is a team effort. Responsibility lies with all of us in the equine community to work together and play a part.”

XLVets has produced a Plan Protect Prevent booklet that includes a useful risk assessment questionnaire.

Dr Hugh Martin, recent former Head of Agricultural Science at RAU and consultant with HOCl Trust said: “With this level of efficacy, contact time, shelf life and being non-corrosive, MicroSafe sets the gold standard in disinfectants making it ideal for use in clinical settings as well as general disinfection application.”


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