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Your horse has been waiting for this! The new FreeSpace girth from WOW Saddles gives your horse full freedom to move, because it completely removes pressure on the pectoral muscles. The double sternum plate holds the girth straps away from the muscles while comfortably cushioning the girth against the sternum.


WOW Saddles, known for their scientifically based approach to innovation, has developed and patented the FreeSpace girth which relieves all pressure on the important pectoral muscles. The new FreeSpace can be used with all English-style saddles, not just WOW Saddles. Pressure testing shows that its unique double sternum plate completely removes pressure on important muscle groups which lift the back and move the foreleg.




 The reports from riders since its launch a few weeks ago are superb.

“Very impressed with the improvement to her way of going and with the added bonus of providing security and better fit to her saddle.

“So much better through the shoulder!”

Straight away she was so much quieter in the contact and not fighting me or pulling on my hands”

“The research behind all [WOW] products make them a no brainer for any horse owner”


The FreeSpace patented design has a two-part Active Cushion Sternum Plate. The outer is a reinforced plate that will not give under girth tension.  This is spaced away from the horse by the Active Cushion which holds the Sternum Plate away from the horse’s rib cage. The Sternum Plate makes the girth straps bridge the pectoral muscles and it is this lack of pressure that is the key to allowing the horse to engage by the use of an unimpeded Rectus Abdominus muscle and better leg retraction due to the Ascending Pectoral muscles not being squashed.



The girth is made from a premium quality synthetic leather almost indistinguishable from real leather. This synthetic material is easy to keep clean and looking great even after years of use.

The girths straps can be the same or different lengths dependent on your horses and your requirements. They can be easily changed at any time. The Free Space Dressage version has buckle ends which can be separate like our H Girth or they can be joined using a double buckle guard. The Free Space Long Version has girth sleeves included, designed to help stop pinching between the straps.

Like all WOW™ products modularity is key. As well as whole short or long girths, the different straps, buckle guards and girth sleeves can all be purchased separately from or your local WOW retailer. For more information email or call 01227 831614.

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