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Introducing The Shoe Kit, a ground-breaking new solution for horse owners which is set to transform the way horses are cared for. This incredible bit of kit offers a safe, efficient, and humane method of removing horseshoes in an emergency.

The Shoe Kit has been meticulously developed by practicing registered farrier, Tom Smith who saw a gap in the market when a client called in distress late one night. They urgently needed to remove a twisted shoe from their horse and didn’t have any tools. The only videos they could find on how to remove the shoe were not made by qualified farriers or vets, so they were left feeling anxious and unprepared. Fortunately, Tom was able to save the day in this case, but it got him thinking; what if he hadn’t been? Why is there not a kit available for horse owners to help them in these situations? Such a thing would save a lot of distress to horses and their owners in an emergency.  


The Shoe Kit addresses these challenges, providing a seamless and stress-free experience for both the horse and its handler. With this helpful aid they can make their horses comfortable quickly, avoiding any further injury that loose or twisted shoes are known to cause.

After deciding what tools would be needed in the kit, Tom posed his idea to several clients, vets and other farriers who all voiced their experiences of the stress associated with loose and twisted shoes. They agreed that there is a great need for a toolkit and guidance to help owners in this situation and so The Shoe Kit was born!

The Shoe Kit can help turn stressful shoe emergencies into straightforward, confident shoe removal. It is small and convenient enough to take with you in the lorry, but robust enough to withstand the demands of equine care. The advanced tools ensure precise and safe removal of horseshoes without causing any discomfort or injury to the horse. The process is gentle and efficient, minimising any stress. The kit has been designed with simplicity in mind, ensuring equine caretakers of all skill levels can use it.

"I am extremely proud to introduce The Shoe Kit to the equestrian market. I truly believe this will be a game-changer for equine care," said Tom. "My goal is to provide a solution that not only simplifies the process of removing horseshoes but also prioritises the well-being of these incredible animals."

The Shoe Kit is poised to become an essential tool for equestrians, veterinarians, and anyone involved in equine care. It showcases a commitment to both innovation and animal welfare, ensuring that the process of shoe removal is as stress-free as possible for horses.

The Shoe Kit £126.00

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