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The new training aid NAGGA actively monitors your riding position. Wear NAGGA on your hat, arm or boot to help you ride like a pro and get the best out of your horse.

Subtle changes in your riding position can not only influence your balance, but your horse's way of going. NAGGA sounds the alarm every time your head drops, or your hands are too low, or your heel comes up - whatever you set it to do. It's like having your trainer with you all the time in the arena or even out hacking.  

You choose whether to attach NAGGA to your hat, arm or leg, depending on what you need to focus on. If your coach is always saying "Lift your head" or "Look up", wouldn't it be handy to have a consistent reminder when riding on your own? Attach this innovative training aid to your hat, and set it to buzz or vibrate whenever your head tips down for more than a brief moment.

There are several aspects of leg position that NAGGA can help with. Do you tend to tense your calf muscles, pulling your heels up? Do you struggle to remember to drop your weight down into your heels? Do you let your lower leg swing back, meaning your heels are higher than your toes? NAGGA can be attached over your boot, and set to buzz or vibrate whenever your heel comes up for more than two seconds.

Attached to your arm, NAGGA monitors the angle of your forearm. You can set it to your optimum position, and it will buzz or vibrate whenever your arm moves above or below the preferred line.

And NAGGA isn’t just for your benefit. Does your horse have a tendency to over-bend or throw their head up? Is your horse 'crooked', on the forehand or behind the bit? Many of these issues can be improved with better leg position, by sitting up and being more balanced in the saddle, and by a more consistent arm and hand position for your horse to work into.

You can find out more about NAGGA at . This innovative technology is priced at only £69 including UK delivery, making it a really cost-effective way to improve your riding. Order via the NAGGA website and your NAGGA unit, complete with all instructions and attachment straps, will be sent to you direct from the manufacturers First Thought Equine Ltd.

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