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When seven-year-old Lusitano, Jermana broke into the feed room she managed to guzzle feed for 45 minutes leaving herself bloated and facing an attack of laminitis.

Just hours after the talented mare’s overindulgence, owner Germana Sinatra from Essex, was left with the only option to call the vet to see if they could help as she was so worried.

“The situation was so bad I really thought she might die, it was a great concern and I wanted to do everything I could to help her,” said Germana.

“She actually ate 20kg plus of her feed balancer in the short space of time when the feed room door blew open due to windy weather. It was just awful and in order to get things under control I knew she would have to be given bute to help her.

 “The vet and I could see her pulse, her hooves were very hot and she is lucky to be alive to be honest.

“With advice and support from the vet I followed a very strict routine with her bedding changed to shavings, a small amount of feed balancer, soaked and steamed hay, and box rest for the first four weeks.

“After hearing about what had happened, one of my trainers told me about Cavalor LaminAid and I started to add that to Jermana’s feed while using a therapeutic hoof oil, Cavalor PodoSens everyday.

“We made such progress that after a month she was allowed out into the yard, to walk around where there is no grass and I also started to walk her in hand in the arena.

“Within four weeks she was sound and I could not believe the progress, and I plan to start riding her shortly and have had the farrier put gel pads on her front hooves.

“It is so wonderful to have Jermana fit and well again and I hope to be out competing with her at dressage competitions soon.”


Cavalor LaminAid is a unique balanced combination of several essential oils. Each oil is charachtarised by a specific structure, composition and effect. They work on various different levels in the body to support metabolism. The oils support the sensitive intestinal flora and bring hormonal and metabolic processes back in to balance. Cavalor LaminAid also supports circulation towards the hoof.

Cavalor LaminAid is used in combination with Cavalor PodoSens.  Cavalor PodoSens is a therapeutic hoof oil. The blend of essential oils helps provide suppport for sensitive hooves and promotes hoof elasticity.

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