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With their high dressage cut, the Königs Noblesse Boots are tall and elegant and provide a stylish look whether training at home or out on the competition circuit.

The boots are specially made with a soft, comfortable inside for the height of luxury but have an extra hard stiffness on the outside which prevents the boots from ‘dropping’ over time.


Made from the finest French box calf the Noblesse Boots are designed with an easy to use zip on the inside and a tapered ankle.

The bespoke boots are created to meet your needs. The boots are made with a Goodyear welted sole with an optional black, natural or dark brown finish.

Available in sizes 2 – 12.5, the Königs Noblesse Boots start at around £1202.

For further information contact Zebra Products on (01352) 763350 or visit

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