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KBF99 Anti-bacterial Grooming Brushes were launched last year following extensive scientific research at Coventry University. The research revealed revolutionary results – the active KBF99 additive not only attracted harmful microbes and destroyed them but it did this without the use of chemicals.

 In tests KBF99 (Kills Bacteria Fungus 99%) effectively killed 99% of the bacteria/fungus test culture (Strangles, Ringworm and E.coli). The scientific testing costs thousands of pounds, so whilst KBF99 were confident the brushes and equipment would work by killing all kinds of bacteria/fungus, they could only lay claim to effectively killing Strangles, Ringworm, E.coli and Mycotoxins.

 As the brushes hit the market worldwide, testimonials came flooding in about how KBF99 had helped with a variety of problems. In particular, owners that have battled for years with Mud Fever were reporting that after using the brushes twice daily, their horses were free from Mud Fever for the first time in years.

 Said KBF99 user Heather Williamson: “Just to let you know that after my horse having very bad mud fever on his hind legs, using the brushes has definitely helped and it has almost cleared up completely over the last seven days.”

 We all know prevention is better than cure and this was definitely the case for another KBF99 user, Tina Rogers: “I purchased my KBF99 brush whilst working at the Christmas equine fair and started using it immediately. I use it all over Ethel's body but pay special attention to her lower legs.

 “A few horses had mud fever at the yard already and more have continued to get it since. The poor yard owner has several horses and is having to treat pretty much all of them every day. Ethel seems to be the only one without it which I can only put down to the fact that I am the only person on the yard with a KBF99 brush.”

 To find out more about KBF99 Grooming Brushes and Equipment and to read customer testimonials please visit

 Prices start from just £2.00 and products are available in a range of colours. The KBF99 additive is effective for a minimum of two years and all products feature a minimum best before date.

 For more information please visit or contact Vale Brothers on 01239 614648.

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