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Anyone who loves time in the saddle will love spring and the excitement that comes with it to put a foot in the stirrup, swing into the saddle, and head out for a ride in the warmer weather. However, the rising temperatures may be uncomfortable for horses and it is important to ensure they’re not overheating when ridden. Equitex have the solution with AIRTECH, a clever saddle pad which will help keep your horse cool under the saddle.

Equitex AIRTECH saddle pads are the essential accessory for your Spring tack locker. The upper side of the AIRTECH saddle pad is made from the high technology fabric used in premium sports footwear and gives maximum breathability. The underside is in the unique TechVelvet which lies flat against the coat and is highly wickable. The shock absorbing, reactive foam layers allow for total freedom of movement for the skin and muscles under the saddle.


The Airtech is entirely ‘non-slip’ and proven to reduce the impact and concussion that a rider can impart through the saddle. The 30mm foam panels are strategically placed where the horse needs the most support and is bonded to the outer fabric rather than stitched so there are no creases, ridges, lumps or bumps, therefore negating any pressure points.

There are no girth straps or fixing loops, the non-slip guarantee comes from the “sticky” heat sealed, graphic grips that secure the saddle firmly in place. The saddle pads are  extremely hardwearing, breathable, and incredibly soft next to the skin.  The properties of the moisture wicking fabric help to prevent localised over-heating and reduces the formation of moisture and sweat.

The AIRTECH version is available in a wide variety of saddle shapes including General Purpose, Classic Dressage and  Close Contact.

Easy to care for, there is no need to wash an Equitex AIRTECH Saddle Pad after every use, just leave to dry and simply clean the underside with a soft brush. All Equitex pads can be easily washed in the washing machine at 30 °C and stay in shape.

An Equitex AIRTECH pad will last for many years to come and keep your horse cool when he needs it most.

If you wish to customise by adding coloured trims, or correctional pads then a full made to order service is available.

AIRTECH Saddle Pads from £239.00

Buy online at

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