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Due to the increasing popularity of the award winning Elim-a-Net, Parell Products have joined forces with well known equestrian distributor, KM Elite Products, to ensure the Elim-a-Net is available to an even wider audience.

 Elim-a-Net features an exclusive Inner Net Design, which not only reduces the size of the holes, but also the shape, in order to slow down the eating process and prevent bolting and gorging of hay or haylage. By slowing down consumption of forage, horse owners can limit the chance of obesity and laminitis, as well as supporting a natural trickle feeding process that compliments the sensitive equine digestive system.

 With three sizes available, Pony, Cob and Horse, there is an Elim-a-Net to suit every equine and this was one of the appeals of the product to Managing Director of KM Elite, Karl Middleton. “The versatility of Elim-a-Net means that we can then offer product to every equine, from small ponies up to large horses,” he states. “Having the BETA Innovation award behind it, and some impressive feedback from customers, the Elim-a-Net has an edge over other products in the market and we are looking forward to helping expand the sales of this simple, yet highly effective product.” 

The creator of Elim-a-Net, Ellie Parkin, is thrilled to have the support from KM Elite. “Since launching the product back in 2009 we have helped so many horses and owners manage a variety of problems, however there are still a lot of people who have not reaped the benefits and it is exciting to have the support of such a reputable distributor as KM Elite to help us bridge the gap.”

 Elim-a-Net is available in a range of colours, in three sizes and costs from £10.99. For more information and for stockist enquiries contact KM Elite Products on 01403 759 659 or

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