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Does your horse suffer from stiff joints and reduced mobility in winter?

 LitoVet®, from Lanes Health, is the only equine supplement in the UK that contains GOPO® - one of the main active components found in the Rosa Canina rose-hip.  GOPO® (glycoside of mono and diglycerol) has been shown to help to maintain, soundness, suppleness and mobility in equine joints and joint tissues.

 The patented process used in the production of LitoVet® ensures that the GOPO® and high levels of vitamin C are not depleted, thereby delivering support to the horse’s natural recovery processes helping to maintain soundness.

 LitoVet® is 100% plant-based and vegetarian.

 Prices start at £49 for a 1.5kg tub which will last one horse approximately two months.

 For further information on LitoVet® please visit or telephone 01452 524 012.


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