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As riders, we know how important a truly comfortable jacket is whether riding down the centre line or popping over fences. We have tried them all, made to measure and custom made, cheap and expensive and nothing ever seemed to work just right, despite the rhetoric and the claims of companies being the best equestrian tailors in the world…

We all wear competition jackets, and most of us know that they don’t fit properly, they are tight, the material doesn’t give us freedom of movement, they are not particularly flattering, made of heavy or unsuitable material that needs to be dry cleaned, in fact the list and stories we hear goes on.

We were having the same experience, but then we fell over Lotus Romeo quite by chance. We tried on the jackets, which was all we needed to do - we realised what we had been missing all these years and that we really had “just been making do”.

Since then we have not looked back and have made jackets for professional riders and amateurs alike who have all been delighted with what we have delivered. Our reviews on Facebook say it all!

With Covid 19, times are a little more challenging as we aren’t able to meet up with people however, with a little bit of engineering and some additional measurements, we have been successfully continuing to make beautiful jackets and tails for our customers, uniquely styled to their tastes.

Please visit the website where you can view all the styles available…then let’s have a conversation about which colours you think will reflect your style and create a lasting impression when you enter the arena and finally let’s book a ZOOM call to get your measurements.

And to top it all off, Black Friday Month is here, until the 27th November. Our jackets are priced at the base price – tailoring and customisation is on us, providing you savings across all jacket, short tails and tails for ladies and gents of up to £170!! And they will be with you in time for Christmas!

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