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Luxury skincare for those who know that a life in the saddle is a life well spent 

Purdey & Sloane is a new luxury skincare brand with a range of products developed specifically for ladies who love to spend their time working and playing in the great outdoors. Launching with the Kit for Skin, a trio of products targeted at supporting skin and helping it recover from exposure the elements, Purdey & Sloane are poised to help ladies for whom a life spent in the saddle is a life well spent.  

Anyone who lives and breathes horses will know that their love of equestrianism means braving adverse weather in all seasons to ride and care for their charges, and that isn’t always conducive to skin health. A day spent riding out in the biting wind, mucking out on a freezing, frosty morning or sweeping the yard in the pouring rain can all leave skin sore or chapped and crying out for help.  

Purdey & Sloane’s founder Claire Barker’s mantra is ‘invest wisely in your skin as it’s going to represent you for a lifetime’. Her own love of the outdoor lifestyle and background as an award-winning cosmetic formulator meant that creating a British skincare brand aimed at ladies with a love of equestrianism and the great outdoors was the natural next step. Purdey & Sloane’s products are made in the brand’s Wiltshire lab from gentle but nutritious non-toxic ingredients blended with protective and restorative British-farmed botanicals.  


The Purdey & Sloane Kit for Skin includes the Daily Defender, light day cream with white poppy, red raspberry and marine algae extracts to prepare and protect skin before a day spent exposed to the elements. The 12 Bore Mist is a clever face spray that helps to soothe and calm skin. Designed to be worn over or under makeup, the 12 Bore Mist has peppermint, rose and cucumber extracts to reduce redness and irritation and is perfect for those days when you need to go from jodhpurs to ballgown in as little time as possible. After a day in the saddle and exposed to whatever weather mother nature has thrown at you, the Overnight Recovery night cream will be just the ticket. Blending blackcurrant seed and marshmallow root in a rich, restorative night cream to hydrate and repair skin, this will help skin to heal and revitalise during the night so that the wearer wakes up in the morning feeling fresh faced and ready to go all over again.  

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