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Major Expansion for Equisafety with Launch of Innovative New Website

Following two years of significant growth, the leaders in premium safety products, Equisafety has launched a brand new concept to move the business forward to major growth.

With Nicky Fletcher at the helm, Equisafety is famous for innovation and a radical approach, leading in the field of high visibility clothing and accessories for many years.

Now the team has expanded with a brand new, high tech website that puts them at the forefront when it comes to all things related to equine safety, adding a host of products and equipment to the Equisafety portfolio.


Said Nicky: “We are really excited about these new developments which will continue to put Equisafety on the map when it comes to being the experts in safety equipment and accessories.

“We are of course, very well known for high visibility clothing and equine products but now our loyal and new followers can also buy air vests, body protectors, riding hats and helmets, stirrups and leg protection to name just a few of our new additions.

“After so many years working hard to develop the Equisafety name and product range I truly believe that with the excellent reputation we have in the equine safety world this was a natural progression into the next 20 years of its future.

“Technological innovation has always been part of Equisafety’s DNA, constantly looking into the future, for exciting new possibilities.

“The recent global events has taught the team how winning business strategies are those which can recognise, respond and adapt to new changes very quickly, placing it in a robust position.

“We understand the importance of growth and with the strong position of the company in the equine safety market, we have taken a strategic leap into other areas of equine safety.”

By selectively evaluating all the equestrian safety products on the market, the new Equisafety website is a world first providing an easy to navigate portal for all thing related to equine safety.

The site showcases a wealth of innovative safety products, combining the latest technologies, with style, from companies as passionate about safety, as Equisafety.

Putting riders’ safety first, is at the core of Equisafety brand and is a guiding force driving the team to continue the safety legacy they have built for more than 20 years.

Visit to unlock your future.


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